My Favourite Disaster Movies

So it’s that time of the month again and because I missed out on last month I’m trying to get my entry in as early as possible! I’m a pretty bit movie nut so when it comes to contests like these it makes it so tough to pick my favourite but I guess that’s what it’s all about

Apocalyptic movies have always been a favourite of mine along with space travel! It often is more deep than just trying to survive but poses so many questions and is often a reflection of society as it is now but put in extreme hardship and how we would fair.

So what are my favourite disaster movies? Lets dive in and find out, shall we?

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This is my entry into this month’s Top 3 contest.

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My Nominations are:

Nomination Number One

Cloverfield - IMDB - 2008

My Reasons for the Nomination

The movie is a solid 12 years old now I came across it coming home one night and I couldn’t sleep turned on the TV just in time to catch this one that became a cult hit in many circles! Disaster movies were sort of on hold for many years after 9/11 so this one coming out was a surprise and actually laid the foundation for plenty of movies in the genre to kick off.

Why I liked this movie is because it wasn’t about the monsters or the alien invasion but people trying to survive a city under attack! The movie is shot in the first person view with one person video taping everything that is happening

The story in itself is pretty basic, people living their life, city gets attacked by aliens, military come in, chaos ensues, try to save your loved ones

But this was a fresh take on the genre, on how far you are willing to go to save someone! How you think when you’re scared or your time is limited!

How various people react to an outside threat and is need for survival and trying to remain humane in the process still possible

Nomination Number Two

The Core - IMDB - 2003

My Reasons for the Nomination

This movie can be a little corny and campy at times but it's still highly enjoyable and is a comment on how we as people would destroy ourselves by trying to destroy each other.

The core is all about how conflict can only make things worse and that sometimes trying to outsmart one another only leaves us all in a precarious situation.

The movie centres around what would happen if the earths core stopped functioning and the quite balance between many of the earths forces start to get out of wack.

Nomination Number Three

World War Z - IMDB - 2013

My Reasons for the Nomination

This wouldn't be a disaster list without a zombie movie and while there are so many to choose from I think World War Z is by far my favourite. It takes a more grounded take on the genre and flips the concept of darwinism on its head.

The world is now overrun by zombies, far more than humans can deal with and without a cure there is no hope as our cities become overrun by mindless flesh eating creatures.

It puts a real twist on the strongest of us will survive and how we as a society should embrace all our genetic differences, as it makes us stronger as a whole.

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I will throw Wrong Turn 1 in the mix

I actually enjoyed wrong turn 1, it was a new take at the time but damn those sequels and spin offs were horrible

I totally agree with you. I hate the seauels

Man, is Cloverfields really that old... jeez! Going to have to wipe the dust off that movie and see if I can get around to watching it again!

Not seen the Core actually but sounds like a cool think tank movie on how people would be if the Earth really did decide to "shut down"!

Damn World War Z is one that I meant to watch at the time but it totally escaped me - those zombies look properly savage!

Glad you didn't sit on the contest this month and got your entry in! We'll see how these fair in the dpoll!

Good luck!

Kicking off the month with some great picks! Glad you made it in plenty of time this round. I agree a zombie movie is a must this round and World War Z is a good one for sure. Forget those slacker slow moving zombies, those fast zombies scare the crap out of me a whole lot more. Cloverfield was a good one, too. I feel like I have seen The Core, but can't remember for sure. You definitely covered all the bases for threats to mankind here--aliens, zombies and ourselves. ;) Good luck in the polls!

LOL totally, slow zombies, man I'd be out with my cricket bat and taking them out for fun, but those fast ones, ah I'm not about that life, I'd be living underground like mole people lol.

I wonder if I could handle zombie land for real, I mean the games and movies are fun but cracking skulls in real life, hmmm don't know if I can do it, but then again no ones tried to bite open my head so, its a toss up

Yeah, I'm with you on that. Though perhaps the first one would be tough, then it would get easier after you "broke the seal" if you will. 🤣

LOL perhaps you're right, maybe I should try it out like on a pumpkin or something draw a face on it, put some tomato sauce on the "mouth" and then just go full American psycho on it

Hoping we never have to be truly tested in that regard, but I suppose that's one way to test it out, haha. Just make sure you save the seeds to roast for a delicious apocalypse snack. ;)

LOL now you got me thinking, if Zombies make for good compost, I'd surely have the motivation, go out smash some of them turn it into compost, sell it to all the home gardeners, take payment in pumpkins, repeat!

Apocalypse movies are one of my favorite genres, you picked some pretty good ones too :)

They are quite the thrill ride, the games are too, I enjoyed games like the last of us too

They should have made sequel to WWZ, it was a cliffhanger, dislike that 😅 i think there were sequel or remake, cant remember, but if it was a sequel, it wasnt Brad Pitt anymore

They were talking about a sequel for years but it looks like its never going to happen, sadly

some producers are stoopid :P

I haven't seen any of these movies, but The Core looks the most interesting to me. :)

You should give them a go when you have time, start with the the core then and we can chat about. Lol I don’t know anyone else whose seen it

I'm not a big fan of these kind of movies, to be honest, but I might give The Core a try. I haven't been watching movies a lot this year, I don't know why, lol.

The only thing with zombies I was watching is The walking dead, I started at season 4 or 5 randomly and even though it's not my favorite and can be quite boring sometimes, I still continued watching just to see what will happen, lol.

I haven’t watched a movie in ages there’s nothing new on and even when I look through old movies nothing really appeals to me! Just been listening to podcasts lately

Lol you’re much stronger than I am, I only managed 3 seasons of walking dead and it just got too boring to continue

I don't like leaving series unfinished, lol. The only one I gave up on is Westworld. The most annoying main character ever, I just cannot stand her, haha.

Every time when I want to watch a movie and don't know what to pick, I watch one of the Marvel movies. I think I've seen Avengers: Infinity War at least ten times, lol.

Lol I am actually the same or rather used to be but there’s just so many series that fade out over time and I just can’t force myself to go any further!

I liked Westworld season 1 but I got half way through season 2’s convoluted plot and thought no I can’t anymore and then I just read the plot on season 3 and I was like yep glad I skipped that one!

Delorus is super annoying but honestly there’s no one really likeable in that entire series if I was in westworld I’d hunt them all down lol

LOL I feel you I liked infinity war a lot I watched it again recently it was in TV! My go to for if I can’t find anything is always the Christopher nolan batman movies and Intersteller I can rewatch those over and over

I made it through 2 seasons, mainly started watching because of Gustaf Skarsgård who appears in second season but I watched it from the beginning just to get the story. Gave up 10 minutes into Ep 1 of season 3 lol.

I really should watch Batman movies like in a movie marathon lol, only watched them when they were on TV.

Lol they really lost the plot with it it’s like they just trying to make more and more complex! The only other series I still sit through is billions but I’m a financial nut so I enjoy it even if some of it complete nonsense it’s really well written and a good show

Oh count me in, I’ll even buy bAtman pajamas lol so I’m marathon and fall asleep ready

Nice selections, I enjoyed all these :)

Sweet then I expect some votes for my picks 😋


LOL I misread 2012 and I was like about to say yeah that was a decent movie and then looked again and so true what a freaking disaster


I have no idea where to start on this one. It's a genre that leaves me cold...🤣

Good luck - we shall have to see what I do.... 🤣

Lol I think that’s what it’s meant to do, leave us cold, or on fire, or some sort of state we don’t enjoy anything but cosy!


And what’s the significance?

You're a dolphin.

lol but isn’t that A seal?

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Ohhhhh! Ok! 😁

Hey bud. Great choices. You got in nice and early this month! 😁

I actually have not seen The Core. Looks interesting though.

I thought Cloverfield and World War Z were great.

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