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RE: Your Top 3 Monthly Contest March 2020 - What Are Your Least Favorite Movies?

I think I will enter this one, I'm not even sure if I want to think too much, though because some were truly awful experiences.


Awesome! Let's see what garbage you can come up with, haha!

Lol sequels, so many sequels. Straight to VHS or TV is a goldmine.

Haha, right? We thought about limiting to non-sequels, but that's half the selection right there. ;)

Lol! Seems Q was in a slightly darker mood this month making us go back through the torture of those forgotten films! Be good to see you in the mix!

I know some so bad they left me questioning humanity (high points for emotional response I guess). I'll try to diversify a bit, because I could easily fill the list with just one director. It will be hard to choose his worst film though.