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RE: Initiative: Adopt a Plankton! / Adopta un Plancton! [Eng/Esp] || Iniciativa para Hispanos!

in HiveVenezuela3 months ago

Excellent intitiative. I wish you well and am so glad you have support from @theycallmedan.


hi!! i suck a replaying in time to the comments on my posts lol im a bad person like that, thank you so much hopefully you are participating in adopting a new hiver too!

No worries! I am in a similar situation! 😊

I wish I had the time to mentor a new Hivean. I will do what I can to support the redfish who win the delegations I sponsor as part of #HivePUD. Besides, there are a lot of people a lot more knowledgeable than I! 😉

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