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As a few of you who follow me probably know, I have a bit of a soft spot on my penis for pocket knives and just knives in general. However, for some reason none of you fucking losers have made any cool communities for everyday carry gear or knives, so I decided to be the ultimate alpha chad and make one myself. Welcome to Knives, a community for posting anything related to bladed objects. I'm aware that some people might not be feeling themselves gush from the loins over the topic of knives/pocket knives, since some people think that even a chewed on piece of plastic with jagged edges is something only a sick fucking murderer would have. But, just try to keep discussions civil and chill if you find yourself an anti-knife person. I'm all for open dialogue, but if I see things turning into a shitshow then don't be surprised if I slide my pants down and spray shit on you. Anyways, feel free to start posting if you're interested!

Now, onto the good shit. I had a birthday about 2 months ago, and received some birthday money from my fiancee's brother. Of course, being a responsible adult, I decided to take the $70 I got and put it towards getting myself a new pocket knife. I've been in and out of the knife game for the past few years, mostly because the prices have become fucking stupid for even basic bitch pocket knives. A knife that went for $40 4 years ago is now going for $80 without any changes to materials or production. It's pretty aids, to be honest. Nevertheless, I'm still a sweaty slut for pocket knives so I figured, fuck it. Lets look around and see what I can find for a good deal.

And, god damn, what a deal did I end up finding. After browsing around on BladeHQ, I found a cool little knife from a company that just came into the view right before I stopped jacking my dick off over pocket knives back in 2015, called Rike. It appears that they've gotten decently popular over that time, and this particular knife model called the Hummingbird is one of their most popular knives. Which isn't that surprising, since material wise, it uses a damascus blade with titanium hardware, handle and pocket clip. Those are pretty top tier materials for factory produced knives, so normally it wouldn't be surprising to hear the price of $135. However, that kinda made my penis flaccid in this instance. Why, you might be asking? Well, mostly because this knife is the perfect size if you've had your brain transplanted into a cat.

On the other hand, it does make sense that the cost would be so high when there is good quality machining work put into this small pocket knife with high end material. But, I originally was going to just say fuck that shit because I'm a broke bitch and only had a small amount of birthday money to play with. Buuut, I stumbled across some comments on reddit talking about how these knives go on sale on massdrop/drop once or twice a year. And, low and behold, they actually had these on sale when I went and gave it a check. Instead of paying $135, I got away with paying an extra $5 out of my budget and walked away with it at $75 shipped to my doorstep.

The Hummingbird came with a little metal tin, a kydex neck sheath and a little pamphlet to try and make me feel like I have a 500 IQ for buying one of their products. Packaging wise, it was heaps better than what most companies sell their knives in. Normally you just get a soggy little cardboard box with a piece of paper that feels like it's been rubbed on an old mans elbows for 2 hours, and rarely do they include a sheath for your knife. Though, I'm pretty sure that was something that had to be included here considering the size of the knife. I mean, do you want to trust a pocket clip that's the size of a paper clip to keep an object worth $135 from falling out onto the ground while you walk away, only to use your tears as lubricant later on that evening when you realize it's gone?

Functionality wise though, the pocket clip feels pretty solid. The knife flips wonderfully smooth as well, something that really surprised me. I figured it would feel like raw sewage was stuck inside of my knife when flipping it, just based on how small the flipper tab is. Oh, and aesthetic wise I would say this is probably one of my favorite knives I've ever owned. You can pick this up in a few different color options. Plain Ti, Gold, Pink, Blue and Green. You get blue hardware for pretty much every option, but different accents on the edges depending on what anodizing you pick. Since I went with green, apparently that means I get a purpleish ano on the edges. Meaning that this knife would be the perfect object for The Hulk to tuck under his testicles in case of emergency.

Overall, for the $75 it cost, I don't think this knife could be beat in quality. Love the look, and it's a really fun little knife to flip open when I'm feeling all ADHD. Obviously this isn't a heavy duty user knife since it's so small, but would work well as a little backup knife or as a gentlemen style edc for weddings/funerals/etc. A bonus is that if I ever decide to try and sell it, I'll definitely be able to get my money back out of it. Which is really nice since you usually get two fingers slid up your asshole by some stranger on reddit or instagram when you're selling off used pocket knives.

But, yeah. Do any of you have a knife or a shovel you've turned into a spear home alone style that you'd like to show off? Feel free to drop a post in the community then :) I look forward to it even though I'll probably be the only one to do so here and there. You fucking virgins.

Until next time, dood's.



One more community to follow, it is nice to see all the new places to find things and topics. My favorite pocket knife is small 3 inch folding knife Old Timer from Shrade. I have had this one since about 1990, maybe before then. It is old, but still sharpens nicely and still useful.

Welcome to the community, man. That's pretty fucking cool you've had that for so long and it's still going strong. I got into trading heavily for a long time so I don't have any of my first few knives anymore. Think my longest owned knife is a SOG Seal Pup Elite fixed blade that I got back in 2012. I've beat that thing to hell and back and it's still sexy enough to make a wet spot in my pants.

So many new communities! Love it!

Hell yeah, man. The more diverse it is here, the better!

Now that is a fucking loverly knife! Worth every cent!

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Absolutely, it's clearly the knife of a true and strong gentleman. Excuse me while I go tell a woman at Gamestop how beautiful she is, then call her a vapid whore after she doesn't immediately fall in love with me.

Oh HELL Yes. I do blacksmithing/knife-making (though I have no new work since the pandemic means I have no access to the forge I use); would original knife photos be acceptable?
Joining regardless :)

For sure! Feel free to do a picture dump of your work if you want, as long as it's original content I don't give a fuck. I'll gladly rub my nipples to some forged in fire type shit, babyboi :)

Though, that does suck you've not gotten any orders going since the start of this shit. Where do you mainly advertise yourself, if you don't mind me asking?

I don't really sell my stuff, it's more a hobby and a good emergency Christmas present option, to be honest :)

Hey, that's fair enough. I just assumed you were a seller because the knife maker market has boomed over the past few years where everyone has dug up their dead grandmother and forced them into cheap slave labor to grind out tool steel and sand G10 and micarta for all eternity.

Signing in :D knives are awesome and everyone should carry one - whether for opening packages, cutting seatbelt after a car crash (especially important if there's fire) or billion other reasons :)

And, lets not forget the most important reason: To pull them out around your friends and flex how you've got a cool fucking knife, babyyy.

Nice you created this community!
Sure a number of people will have to say something about knifes. The one you are showing here is really a bit small. Just right to get a splinter out of your finger. If its sharp enough. It looks quiete cute though, and like quality work.

I'm a bit more traditional, though. For everyday use, my swiss army knife is, ehm, a swiss army knife. Or a fancy version of it. A Victorinox Ranger Wood 55

Nice quality, good steel, walnut grip and some important extra tools, like a bottle opener. :)
Costs about $100 I guess.

Yeah, the knife I posted here is very small. It's actually pretty damn sharp though, and I think it'll take an edge pretty nicely when it gets sharpened. Not really an everyday carry type of knife, but something I can take with me here and there when I feel like having something a bit more fancy to use. My main EDC knife is a Kershaw Launch, I've had it for a few months now and absolutely love it.

I know SAK's are really popular still, I definitely should try to get one sometime. I have a multi-tool from Leatherman that I just usually rely on when I need tools, but something a bit smaller would probably be nice for my pockets.

The genuine swiss knifes from Victorinox or Wenger are really not bad, and affordable too. The one I have shown is a more high end type and fairly big. I have also a typical red one from Wenger which is the size of a finger, that is ideal for everyday use. I have it for 25 years or so and its still perfectly fine.
I do have a mini version of a Leatherman, but thats a bit small as a proper tool. Similar size to your hummingbird knife, just with a number of different tools on it. Generally I don't use things like the Leatherman stuff. Its a bit over the top with all the tools, too much for the usual requirements. And if I need all those tools - I rather use real tools, they work better anyway.
In a way its similar with knifes: its best to use the right type for the job that needs to be done. And I have knifes for all kinds of jobs. The problem is just to know what job is coming up next. :)

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I love this and am going to be a part

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