My most recent knife pick up: the Boker Dessert Warrior

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What's up, babybois? I recently received a late Christmas gift from a buddy of mine, which happened to be this Boker Dessert Warrior knife. This knife originally dropped about 6-8 months ago, IIRC, and sold out in about 3 hours. I've been waiting for a new drop of it since, but of course when it came out I didn't have a spare $50 to drop on it. My buddy decided to be an absolute sweetheart and grab one for me as a gift, meaning I'll definitely owe him a big old reach around at a later date, probably. And, I do mean that. Because this fucking knife goes for $85-120 on the secondary market. Which is a bit nutty. But, I digress. The main point is that I have this ridiculous donut knife that looks like it would fit perfect with a bucket of grease for a Homer Simpson cosplay. This honestly might be the most split knife I've ever seen among the knife community. There's been so much hate, and so many wet spots in underwear over this thing. It's pretty great.

If you can't tell from the handle of the knife, this happens to be an auto knife. Meaning it fires the blade out at the hit of a button, technically making it a switchblade. Up until very recently, you weren't allowed to carry any auto knives here in my state. There were some changes a few months ago that made it okay if you were "Open carrying" the switchblade, which I wasn't really sure how you could do without looking like a fucking mall ninja. I figured this knife would probably be as good as I could get with the pocket clip being as blue as the blade and the handle being bright pink. However, something magical just happened a few days ago. Our governor passed a new knife bill making any knife at all legal to carry here now, with them only being classified as a weapon if used as one.

I can tell you right now, I think anyone who collects or carries a knife in Ohio should go give our governor a big old smooch on the lips right away...Before spitting in his face for all his other retarded actions in recent times, save one or two things. I'm definitely super hyped about this news, though things don't go into effect until sometime in April, so I have a decent amount of time to wait. But, the timing couldn't be more perfect since I just sold a knife and a few other things to get back into the balisong game. I can't wait for someone to ask if I have a knife they can use, so I can pull my butterfly knife out and look like a fucking weirdo to the general public.

But, back to my donut. How is this knife? Well, my time with it has been very limited thus far. I'll for sure come back soon with a full write up on this tasty blade after I've carried it more and used it for a bit. My initial impressions are that it's pretty good though! The blade is 3.25 inches long, made from AUS-8 steel, which is a perfectly fine EDC blade steel. It's considered a more low-end blade steel, but what else can you expect for $50? The handle is made from aluminum, and because of how thick the scales are it ends up being a pretty hefty little blade. Which is probably a good thing, since the blade shoots out like a rocket when deployed. I own another switchblade from Kershaw, and have also used a few others that friends let me play with in the past. This is by far the snappiest one I've ever touched though.

The fit and finish seem pretty good so far after having it for about 10 days. Though, I have noticed a little bit of button stick. The edge from the factory is sharp enough to last a little while, but I'm sure I'll probably need to send it off for a new edge after a couple months. The only other thought I've had is that I might get a titanium deep carry pocket clip for this knife at some point. As, I'm never a huge fan of factory pocket clips, after losing several knives over the years from bad retention or just the clips breaking. But, yeah. I'll revisit this knife at some point after I've beaten it like it owed me some motherfucking money. Oh, the tombstone tag did not come with the knife, by the way. That's just a little add on from me, a gift from a friend who does leatherwork to commemorate 2020.

But, yeah. Until next time, doods.



It's certainly going to stand out. I think switchblades/flickknives may be illegal in the UK. I know there was lots of talk of kids getting searched for them after coming back from holidays where they might have been able to buy them. Some areas have a lot of knife crime, but I've never been threatened with one.


Oh, I'm sure they are. Pretty much any pocket knife is illegal in the UK. I was signed up for a knife swap/secret santa type thing a few years ago and got a guy that was in the UK for it. Had a very damn hard time finding him something cool that was legal for him to own/carry. Ended up finding a decently nice slip joint folding knife under 3" for him after a few hours of looking though, thankfully.

I've never been threatened with a knife here either, just asked about 4700 times if I have one on me so someone can either cut open a taped box, or try to use one of my knives in a way that is actually fucking stupid, where I then have to pretend I never have my knife on me for some reason 🤔

I have an old Swiss Army knife, but don't carry it with me. I'm sure plenty of people have something like that, but small blades are probably okay. I have a multi-tool thing in my wallet, but that doesn't have a blade. I think you are okay to keep knives at home, but then every kitchen has a deadly assortment.

Stay safe.


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Looks like something Pepper Pig would be packing. No chance for this in Australia you can get arrested for even looking at a blunt sponge.

And why does nothing else but this post come up when I search for sexyhomersimpsoncosplay? What is wrong with people?

Man, you guys are absolutely riddled with animals that want to murder plow you, but you have terrible knife laws? I can only imagine what would happen if you guys started up another civil war with the Emu's, man.

Because, people on this site just wanna milk their prostate over crypto news instead of doing what real men do...Greasing themselves down, going bald and getting absolutely sloshed on donuts and grog.

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Well, that's something different for sure... :)
Better not show that when you are in Hillbilly country. :)