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“COVID-19 or year of masks” by @stef1


Hello my dear Steemians and Art Fans,




Or better to say those of you who decided to stay on Steem and keep going with posting, some of you decided to stay on both blockchains.


What I like on Steem platform the fact of using “Steemworld” that is run by @steemchiller in order to have statistic of what is going on with your account:

  • You can see the people who upvoted you and left messages, that saves out time to look for those people, they are already all on one page.
  • You can see how much Upvote power you have used and can manage your voting so that you can recharge your Upvote power for the next day.
  • You can see the mentioning and will never be late to thank people and to leave your comment in time.
  • It is just the best program to manage your account and I believe people feel that when they started to use Hive.


Those of you who still using “Steemworld” and like it please support @steemchiller the developer of the program who keeps the program alive and working constantly on its development.


Trenner groß.png


COVID-19 or the year of masks


The next topic that I wanted to mention is firmly integrated into our life, it is COVID-19. The world has been changed, we all keep a distance in order to prevent further spread of virus, but the same time people are in panic, the shops are empty, the jobs on hold and people like me in hospital in the constant ALERT condition. Like today when I had a session of endoscopy I worn y mask with visor all the time. Normally we do not need such protection. People are understandable. I believe the year 2020 will be the year of MASKS.

Therefore I decided to amend my old and the first watercolor painting with mask. I did Mona Lisa of Leonardo da Vinci but my hubby did not like it, he does not like the Mona Lisa in general and of course my work was not the great, I admit myself.

That is why it was not so hard decision to turn it into this painting of masked Mona Lisa.


Trenner groß.png


My step-by-step process:



Trenner groß.png


Trenner groß.png


The finished painting:



“COVID-19 or year of masks” by @stef1

Hot pressed watercolor paper 30x40 cm, paper weight 200 gsm, watercolor paints and acrylic colours


Trenner groß.png






Trenner groß.png


Nevertheless, the life must go on and the nature tells us that it is a spring approaching, everything is green, warm longer days, today spending some time in garden @myskye got few beautiful pictures of wonderful nature and you can see bumble-bee hurrying up and collecting nectar.

















Wishing you to stay healthy and do not forget wash the hands, as it is everywhere and you can´t see it.

Catch I, Bin it, Kill it :-)

Trenner groß.png





I hope you enjoyed my post and thank you for viewing :-)


LOL your painting is funny and yet it makes me think that it is sad that we are facing this tribulation from a virus.

I do hope that @steemchiller would continue to serve the steem platform, his work is very useful for every steemians @stef1

I also hope that the virus would go away as spring and summer approaches, we needed lots of prayers now. Keep safe.

Thank you @cryptopie, I heard from @xpilar that @steemchiller is going to put his candidature for witness, I hope you will also vote for him like many of us.

Also be cautious there is a thief @technical01 who is stealing the posts of others and presenting as his, my post was cloned withing 2 hours. We have downvoted him, so that his reputation is down.

Noted @stef1 OK

Thank you!

SteemWorld is, indeed, a great app. Using Hive without it makes me feel like I've travelled back in time to 2017.

I think I'll be posting in both blockchains and if some of the top guys don't like it, too bad. I also didn't like the way they cheated and backstabbed us all during these weeks.

Great painting, Stefi! This virus thing is really getting out of control... so much mass hysteria. What is the world coming to?

I know it is like blind person looking for a switch for light :) I think posting in both blockchain is a good idea. Can you imagine two hours after posting my post was copied and pasted by @technical01, who did not bother to use other tags, just a theft, he stolen the posts of @armandosodano and few others. We have downvoted him but unlucky @steemcleaners are not there anymore. We will see if those people will be more on Steem from now on

have now downvote @technical01

we have downvoted with @stef1 adn @art-venture therefore his reputaion now 5 from being 37. I am going to produce a post with @art-venture he also stole a post of professional artist@armandosodano:


That's bad... but I think it's up the community to flag them. I don't think we need a central police authority to do that job.

모나리자에게 마스크를 씌운것
코로나 바이러스를 막는
멋진 발상 이네요

I also liked this idea. The world has changed, and Corona Pandemia will be part of history.

(google-translator) 나는 또한이 아이디어를 좋아했다. 세계는 변했으며 코로나 판 데미 아는 역사의 일부가 될 것입니다.

Beautiful and a souvenir of these times! I saw the real Mona Lisa at the Louvre after walking for at least an hour to get close to it. It was a small, dark painting which drew a huge crowd. I much prefer your version.

You are lucky to be able to see it in reality. Who knows how long it will take for all the borders to open. I am glad you like my painting :)

Hi @stef1

yes, there are difficult times in every way

@steemchiller has tested

Thank you for providing a full node! I've added it in the SteemWorld settings, so we have one more in there now. Worked without any issues and with great performance in my tests.
If I can afford, I will start my own full node soon;)
Get up!

see the link here

We can already vote him in as a witness and support his work further. I urge everyone to vote for him and that we can donate so that he can afford the start up of a witness server.

beautiful flowers, soon also spring will come here in Norway and can enjoy the beautiful time

systemchiller? 😉

hehe, it was totally wrong, thank you for making me aware 😉
is addressed to @steemchiller

 last year (edited)

Thank you @xpilar for pointing, it is a great news and in my opinion @steemchiller is the one who really deserves to be a witness. We definitely vote for him and also me and @myskye decided regular donate for development that he is involved in.

Also be cautious there is a thief @technical01 who is stealing the posts of others and presenting as his, my post was cloned withing 2 hours. We have downvoted him, so that his reputation is down.

great, he deserves the support of everyone

Thank you for the confidence! Most appreciated.

Great, thank you for that, we need people who will stay and work hard to keep this place alive !