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RE: Mission: "Agua-Possible" you can help support the project before it will be completely closed. Hope you read more to understand this project that @drutter has been running for 1.5 years

in dellast year

I am filled with gratitude to you, @Xpilar, for this post - and for all your previous contributions and support for Mission Agua-Possible!

Thank you so much! And to all your friends and followers: thank you, too.

I have resteemed this excellent post in the hopes of bringing in more [MAP] supporters! We have 12 days until the deadline, and this post will go a long way toward making something amazing happen for Edgar and his family.

Thank you also to @Sultan-Aceh for his 100.0 STEEM direct donation! It (and any others) will be mentioned on this Saturday's update post.

bows with gratitude

Thank you, my friends, thank you. Steem has incredible people here.


You are with Steem News latest issue from @pennsif
hope it can give some extra pressure

Thanks very much for the link! Pennsif has been a supporter of the project and it's excellent to see him stepping up again! That will surely help. I'm warmed by all the actions of the community. I can't help but hope that this last boost (combined with a favourable Steem price) lets us afford a pump for Edgar.