Having a hot one.

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Tonight will have to be a classic Irish hot whiskey.

Made with the finest of jameson whiskeys for a Tuesday night. Sitting down to watch the football after a day's work, college module and an exam its the only recipe for a wet and windy Irish day.

Start with a spoon of sugar and add the water to break it down totally.
Pour 1 - 3 measures of jameson depending on how irish you really are.

3 shots full irish.
1 shot third generation American Irish.

Slice of fresh lemon with exactly 3 cloves placed in order of shape and omni distant from the epicenter.

And there you have it. The perfect drink for a shitty night and some sport on the TV. Maybe a bag of crisps to feel like you are in the pub.


Then repeat, 5 - 10 times. Enjoy.


Good choice


Great to see it right at the front.
A man of fine tastes. 😁

That's not something I have tried, that I can recall. I have had some hot alcoholic drinks like gluhwein and some coffees with stuff added. I ought to look into the options.


You've never had a hot whiskey?
How is that possible. Its such a nice winter drink and warms the whole body. Well worth a try.

There's lots of things I haven't done or tasted. It took me a while to really get into these drinks anyway.

Ahh just reading about it brought me some inner peace LOL
It's a bit late here right now (past midnight) but I'll try and remember to fix myself one of these tomorrow or so!

You should.
Treat yourself to a couple of them tomorrow. 😊