Crazy Birds on the Wall [CCC's Street Art Contest #11]

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Good afternoon, fellow Street Art Lovers!

This is my entry for the CCC's Street Art Contest #11, hosted by @digi-me.

Here's is a simple but cute Graffiti of a couple of crazy birds which I've seen in Matosinhos, a city right next to Porto, Portugal. These drawings are no masterpieces but I found them very amusing.


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This artist, Costah, is a well known name in the city of Porto. You can find his drawings all over the town and suburbs, as well. These 2 birds were found next to the starting point of the Metro line of Matosinhos...


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There are a couple more drawings below these, another bird and a cat... but unfortunately there is a car parked right in front of them nearly 24h a day... maybe one day I'll be lucky enough to grab a shot of those, as well.

I took these photos with my old pocket size Canon. It's a pretty cool camera for its size and on sunny days like this, it takes amazing photos. 🤗

LocationMatosinhos - Portugal
CameraCanon IXUS 210
Photos2 (Edited with GIMP)

If you want to to participate, here's the link again: CCC's Street Art Contest #11



Nice Shots!
The birds are Pretty Cool!

Thanks a lot! They sure are! 🤗

The "One Thing" that I have always had,
and always will have (had the black one,
even while I had My Turbo Fiat - it outlasted the car!)
Is a Bike!
I just Love Them, and when I look at the health, etc. of others My age (62) I can
See the difference it's made!
My younger brother is bent over! Also looks a bit older than Me!
"Stay On The Bike"! 👍🏼🚴👍🏼
And have a Great and Safe Week!

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 29 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thank You So Much!

Indeed, they are funny birds especially the one on glasses.😄

Yeah, they're both really cute. 😊
Thanks for stopping by.

You are welcome.

That's a cool ass bird 😎 😉

It sure is. Thanks for your visit and comment. 😊

4 sure 😉

Nice graf... I remember that I saw a lot of Costah works in the streets of Porto 👍.

Excelente @trincowski, mucha suerte.

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