Mexican Murals - Insect People in Cuauthémoc [CCC's Street Art Contest #15]

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It's another week, and another chance to submit some amazing street art to CCC's Street Art Contest #15. This time I decided to post a spectacular looking mural right outside the Metro Station Cuauhtémoc in Mexico City, right next to the Mercado Juárez.

All About Insects

The character featured in this wall painting is obviously a human woman, at least according to the first impression. She looks like an indigenous Mexican lady, wearing a blouse of traditional patterns, and her hair braided typically. The disks in her ear, though certainly a recently re-discovered adornment, also hints at pre-hispanic traditions.


But then there is her necklace, looking like some weird insect, maybe even a trilobite. Her tongue also spirals up like a snail's shell, and above her head three huge beetles are taking to wing. But the weirdest character in this entire ensemble is the Chapulín Colorado standing on the lady's shoulder.

Another Type of Insect

For those who don't know, the Chapulín Colorado or Red Grasshopper is a classic Mexican icon, originally from a 1970's TV show, but thanks to decades of re-runs and a faithful fandom, who grew up with this puny parody of a superhero, by now El Chapulín has become as Mexican as Tamales de Mole.


What The ... Ego?

Now, let's turn the harder question of who-dunnit! If a mural has a clear tag, or if it doesn't have one, it's easy peasy giving credit, or not. But in this case, the tag says... something with ego. Okay... Thankfully, under the artist's tag the Central de Muros logo helped me a little bit further, though not much. Apparently, the Central de Muros is an initiative to revitalize the muralist tradition of Mexico, and create a culinary-visual route for tourists. Oh, and yes... that site suggests that the artist may actually be segooval, but no certainty here, or even a website. Too bad, but the image is certain worth enjoying!


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Beautiful mural... thanks for the story behind El Chapulin. I was wondering who this little character was.
For the artist, it's Sego Y Ovbal (instagram)

Wow, awesome! Thanks for posting this video! And yes, the other side of the mural I didn't even include, considering it to be a separate one. But here it is:


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Stunning mural... Thanks for sharing these pics on The StreetArt Community.

That is unreal quality, Mexicans definitely know their street art. !tan

They certainly do, and there's so much of it here... just need to find them!