Mexican Murals - Frida Kahlo's Mask Adivsory [CCC's Street Art Contest #6]

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Whenever I come back home to Mexico City, I like to see what new murals have sprung up during my absence. Sometimes it doesn't need much looking, as the image literally stares in your face, and you can stare right back at its... or hers, as in this case.


This mural is unmistakably of the iconic Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, who doesn't even need a label to identify her. Apart from her typical features, such as the uni-brow, the floral pattern on her blouse, as well as the blue flowers growing around her, are all painted in her distinct style, inspired by Oaxacan traditional embroidery. Even the pair of hummingbirds flanking her face, and her floral headdress match this unique style.

Frida Says: "Mask Up!"

But wait! There is a somewhat unusual feature in this image, something that may even have shocked the painter, seeing herself being depicted with it: It's the face mask which over the last half year has become ubiquitous not only in Mexico. Of course, in order to match the rest of the image, Frida's mask is also embroidered with a beautiful Monarch butterfly (another famous Mexican icon). But here the message of the image is quite clear: Even Frida Kahlo agrees, you have to wear your mask! Welcome to the New Normal!

This, by the way, is not even that uncommon. Many street vendors sell Covid masks bearing traditional patterns from rural Oaxaca, Veracruz, Michoacan, and other regions. Other masks bear Frida's face, as the undisputable icon of Mexican-ness she is.


Location and Artist

This mural is painted on a formerly empty wall, towering above the metro station Constituyentes, just about where Av. Parque Lira intersects with Av. Constituyentes, in the San Miguel Chapultepec neighborhood.

The wall painting itself doesn't show any artist's tag, only the MH logo of the "Miguel Hidalgo" administrative district, who commissioned the piece. However, with a bit of online digging I managed to find the artist: It's Julio Ferrá Calzada.

This post is my entry to CCC's Street Art Contest #6. I'm really happy that my love for murals is shared by others, and that there is an ongoing weekly contest around it. Please check out their contest post, and if you have any cool murals in your area, feel free to participate. I would be excited to see them!


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Great work... and it's cool to see that Frida Kahlo is still being recognized with Diego Rivera, great muralist. There was an exhibition in Quebec about them this summer in Québec (Source) :

Frida's portrait has become an icon...

Hahaha, I would even go so far as saying: Frida Kahlo is recognized even without / apart from Diego Rivera. And that is not even so much for the painter that she was, but for the woman that she was.

Exactly, Diego is the forgotten one now and Frida is the star and it's well deserved as you say given her talent / her life.

Well, Diego is still far from forgotten. He's made it to the annals of Mexican art history, where he shares the pedestal with Orozco and Siqueiros. But Frida has become a pop-icon. Kinda like a Che Guevara. To the point where many people, when asked to name a Mexican painter, could mention her, and probably nobody else. Which is why memes of this kind are flourishing:

Cool work... All the success for the contest.

Thanks for sharing these pics with the information about the artist, The StreetArt Community

Thanks for the approval!