Mexican Murals – A Small Glimpse of Zipolite

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I’ve been waiting looong to make this post. To be exact, the post I had in mind was a thorough study of the many colorful murals you can find in this super chilled beach-town. Zipolite is a lot like Mazunte, and in certain aspects it surpasses it, such as in the mural department. For every wall painting here, there are at least five super cool ones in our neighbor village. And I was going to present the best of them… but then things came differently.

At first I was completely focused on work, deliberating only occasionally to do a mural tour of Zipolite on some weekend… but then we quickly ran out of weekends, especially once the lockdown really started getting enforced. Now that I’m leaving Mazunte (and the Oaxacan coast with it), I at least wanted to include two of my favorite wall paintings.


What Works on Textiles Looks Great on Walls Too

This first one follows the Oaxacan tradition of painting colorful flowers on black background. Derived from a indigenous style of embroidery, quite famous in this region, these designs can be seen not only on dresses and blouses, but also on cars and walls. In this case, it is a juice-bar / tourist shop, found on Pelicano street.


Style is Everything!

The other really cool mural I wanted to introduce here, is located only half a block from the previous one, on the corner of Pelicano and the main road. It is painted entirely in black on orange background, featuring animals of different types: birds, fish, butterflies, armadillos, jaguars, and iguanas.



All of them are painted in a mesmerizing geometrical pattern, accentuating their physical characteristics. There are also many plants, and stylized human-like faces all around, adding more mystery to the overall image, like they merely exist to create a ambient around the protagonistic fauna.


Much More Where This Came From

And like I said, this is just a kind of teaser for Zipolite. While murals are generally popular in Mexico, they are especially abundant in this artsy, hip, surfer-village, which unlike Mazunte cares A LOT about its appearance. If you’re ever on the Oaxacan coast, I can highly recommend visiting Zipolite, and not only for its clothing-optional beaches, which the place is famous for.


If you liked this, check out my developing series on Mexican murals:  

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The mural painted in black & orange is stunning.
Thanks for sharing these pics.

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