Crazy Mural on the Edge of Palm Springs

in StreetArt4 months ago (edited)

For today's submission to the CCC's Street Art Contest I decided to go back a bit... in time and space, to Fall 2018, when I rode my bicycle down from Vancouver Island to Southern California, in fact just a stone's throw from the infamous fence on the border to Mexico. If you have missed that adventure of mine, a collected my memories in this blog series.

Just the other day I was showing a friend my photos from that trip, and since he's also a great mural enthusiast, he took a particularly careful look at the photos I took of murals on the way. The one I decided to share with you here, I even forgot about ... almost! So thanks to him, I decided to post it for this week's Street Art Contest.

The exact location I am not completely certain of, but I know it was around North Palm Springs, as I came in on a minor road from the North. While the entire Palm Springs area is not very high up on my recommendable places to visit (to be honest, I'd even put it somewhere closer to the bottom), this mural struck my eye enough to take a photo of it.

Also, this time I want to skip any interpretation or mention of the artist. I just don't know. Actually, it almost looks like various muralists of differing skill level tried their hand on this wall. All in all, however, it's still worth looking at, I think. I hope you enjoy it.



Cool work... 👍
Me too by looking at photos of previous trips I also discover some interesting street art, perfect for the contest.

Great work with different styles. I like the character completely on the right, simple but cool 👍

Thanks for sharing this pic on The StreetArt Community.