Through the window at an abandoned high school at Buch, Berlin. former GDR. CCC’s Street Art Competition #33

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My go in the CCC’S Street Art Competition #33

Seven floors of nothing but long, really long corridors, and empty classrooms. I was hoping for more than just random tagging


Then I got to the stairs thst took me to the roof. I wish I knew the significance behind this. It was a tricky lighting situation I’m pleased with the way the snap has come out


Someone also likes their Disney


I like the way the splatter gives this more effect.


Nice shot my friend.

Thank you @briayana

You're welcome, sir, hopefully you can give me motivation to keep going in content amazing😁


Amazing works : the three pigs and the Pollock Goofy.

Thanks for sharing these pics on The StreetArt Community.

😂 👍

It is good to see some urbex related content on the Hive blockchain. I like to watch urbex videos on YouTube.

Cheers Have you seen the community?

On Hive? I have not seen them so far.