Through a window into Waldhaus Buch Sanatorium CCC’S Street Art Competition #34

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A place with a dark, very dark Nazi history. It was a really really memorable experience to wander the abandoned corridors and rooms of this massive abandoned building.

Here are the art shots.


Wandering these places one wonders am I being watched?


Or will the mad professor take me next?


It’s just a shame that dickheads ruin some of the stuff I see.



Along came a spider



Darkness falls across the land, the midnight hour is close at hand


The Atrium, girl with guns.



Thank you for looking.


What a pity some of the art has been messed around with, exceptionally good quality @grindle

@tipu curate

Thank you,
Yes it seems some juveniles are envious of others hard work

Wahoo stunning work in this abandonned building full of history.
I like the spider simple but very well done... and the Metropolis character.

Thanks for sharing all these pics 👍

Ah is that what it is metropolis, I just thought it was a nice savage piece,

The Fritz Lang's movie :

téléchargement (1).jpg

Oh wow now I get it

Stunning Street Art in this old building (I don't know if I will have the courage to visit it at night 😀)

Thanks for sharing these pics on The StreetArt Community.

😂, it was nicely eerie during the daytime never mind in the dark!