The house of statistics, Alexandraplatz. Berlin. My entry for CCC’s Street Art Contest #32

in StreetArt2 months ago

The former GDR building used by elements of the Stasi stands massively in Berlin. Derelict for many years, now undergoing renovation. It was awesome to get inside on a Saturday morning, when there weren’t many builders on site.


Here are just some of the external art work

Love this one it’s only small but carries a very strong message, “wear a face nappy and lose your identity”



This was rather big and in your face, it seems like there are three artists fighting for the same space



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Very talented graffiti people


Not usually one for graffiti, but I have to say, there's some great artwork here.

Yes tbh I don’t enjoy “commissioned” stuff, that you see a lot of. Too commercial. I do enjoy the random stuff done by genuine street people

Nice, I like the 3rd picture, what does this remind me of..


Construction site always great place to find Street Art. I like the two eyes on the first photo, the building is watching you 😀

Thanks for sharing these pics on The StreetArt Community.

Always being watched in the former GDR

The last photo is quite amazing and scary!