Extreme climb of Alpine peaks Evil Tooth and Double Head

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Hi lovely people,

Today I would like to share with you one of my top extreme climbs in Rila mountain located close to the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia. Let it roll! 😎

Here is our starting point. We were 4 people in total and the mountain lays in front of us

We entered National Park Rila where we were headed for a stroll up to the Hut of Malyovitsa

Nature at its best

The water springs were amazing

Sneak peak from the coniferous schrubs

We walked at a fast pace because the weather was changing the whole time

Here is what we have walked up to this moment

First destination reached - Malyovitsa Hut

Memorial plate of Boyan Petrov

This guy - Boyan Petrov wanted to be the first Bulgarian to climb all 14 eight thousand+ peaks located in the Himalayas and Karakoram. He almost did it. He climbed 10 of the hardest but unfortunately on the 11th peak - Shishapangma, he headed alone up the mountain leaving his crew behind. The weather was very harsh and he just dissapeared. Nobody could find him and the traces that he made were quickly lost because of the wind and newly poured snow. Some say that he fell into a Glacier and then was buried alive but nobody really knows what happened to him and his body was never found. Boyan Petrov will be forever remembered as a strong and courageus person who overcame cancer and was a diabetic but never stopped following his dreams. For more information please visit his article on wikipedia.

We continued our journey up passing more and more stream

The water is crystal clear

What is this plant called? I will reveal it in the end of this post 😉

Memorial Plates of all mountaineers and alpinists who succumbed in the region

This place is the junction point to the top 2 peak destinations. Continuing forward will lead to peak Malyovitsa. Turning left will lead to peaks Evil Tooth and Double Head. We are going to the left.

Here is the sign. Let the climb begin 😅

I played with the aperture of my phone

Basically it works by segregating layers starting from the closest one up to the furthest one. I used the least exposure to have everything unblurred and then focused the aperture where you see the green shrubs. Once done, I had the option to filter the background in Monochrom. I think this is pretty cool, don't you? Looking a bit like Volcano, and it is not a Volcano 😂

Here is another example with default exposure, focusing on the closest object and using Miniatur as filter for the background

After this short lyrical deviation, let's continue the journey

We were almost alone. There were like 6 people in total beside us

Looks a bit like a cartoon right?

We reached a hollow part surrounded by rocks and the climate favored all year round snow

This is what I am talking about. And yes! We are climbing the middle section

Half way there. Are you ready for the real views? I was not 🤣

Here we go

Double Head is a rock formation consisting of 2 peaks hence the name

That is a close up of Evil Tooth. So I guess we should climb it right?

We are at the top! The views are breathtaking

2 thumbs up! We are good!

Double Head is calling up 📞

Alright my friend, I am coming down

The view is one of a kind

These small rock formations are called the needles

The weather was worsening. So we had to be quick on it

We are almost there

That is the heart of Double Head

I took this picture of my friend then begged him not to jump. Fortunately, he wasn´t going to anyway 😂

We headed back as we were continuously hearing thunders. The descend was much quicker than what we expected. Maybe because of fear 😬

Fortunately it disintegrated a bit and we were salved for the moment

Looks like the weather was not threatening at all for the wild life as we stumbled upon a wild goat and its child running around undisturbed

Check out my quick live video of this amazing wild goats 😍


Alright guys, I really hope that you liked my blog. I put my heart and my soul in it. And of course I promised to tell you the name of that green bush you saw in the middle of my blog. Its name is Veratrum and it is as beautiful as toxic, so if you see it, better admire it from a distance 🙃

Have a wonderful day 🐐

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Cool story! I haven't been there for a while...like almost 10 years.

Also, cool 🐐s...

How brave you are!

Lord, how many people died trying to conquer this mountain!

But the views are beautiful, yes, really, like in a cartoon.

You are the conqueror of the peaks!

And all the views on the top of the mountain - just breathtaking!

And from the photo of your friend sitting on the very edge of the cliff on the stones, I felt bad. I can’t even look at that.

What if he just slipped on the rocks?

How can I be photographed like this for the sake of photography?

I couldn’t.

The video with the goat is also interesting, but they live at such a height and jump from stone to stone!

That is true :) The picture of my friend was taken purposely with this angle so it looks scary. It wasn't so much in reality. We just made it more intense :)

It's good.
I know such photographs when, taken from a special angle, they look scary, but in fact there is a ledge or hill below that can be stepped on safely if you slip.
Cool photo!

Very storybook blog , like it very much and i know you did aswell, dont get ever discouraged you can do this blogging thing

Thank you for your continuous support ♥

Woow, these are incredible shots man... I remember the beauty of the Rila Mountains from posts by @danielapetk (too bad she is not active here anymore) and you just proved again how wonderful part of the world it is. Btw your friend is crazy!!! :D

Yes, he is the crazier one! Which is why I am trying to cool down his emotions so that we can survive these adventures :D

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I think I would be afraid of wild animals if I were ...

That is ok. They are just goats and in fact they were scared of us :)

Yes it is. It would be strange for me to see goats without pets.

That is ok. They are just goats and in fact they were scared of us :)

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Great blog. Looks like an amazing place. Nice pictures too!

Nice photos of the mountains as usual. Stay safe in your travels.

Wow. This is really an adventure. I love the pictures of nature.

Maybe one day, we will go mountain climbing together 🤗😊🍻

Dear friend @velinov86

Thank you for giving us such an extraordinary photographic selection of these wonderful places.

Our world is full of indescribably beautiful spaces and photography offers us the opportunity to delight ourselves with such interesting images. It allows us to dream that we visit those places that we enjoy such moments.

A big hug