A Walk from San Francisco to Sausalito - Part 2

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Hello again, fellow Bees.

I'm picking up this post right after I'd left on my previous publication... As you remember, I told you the scenario changed a lot after leaving the Marina District in San Francisco... and this superb view is what we encountered:


This area is full of ponds and marshes, so we had to tread lightly since we didn't want to fall on these weird terrains full of algae and reeds. We don't know what kind of beasts lurk in these waters, better not to take any chances and stay clear from the edge of the waters. 😁


The scenery kept changing from marshes to open beaches, riverside and back to marshes... It was a very surreal adventure, at this point. We wondered if we should go back and try another route.

We ended up at a small beach.


A bit ahead the path was clearly marked and with fences so we've felt a bit safer again and we carried on. We came across a lot of people jogging so we were kind of relieved. 😌


We kept walking at a slow pace, taking the time to appreciate what the city had to offer us. At the other side of the waters we could see some residential areas that looked as if they had been designed in a Sim City kind of simulation.


Looking back from where we had come we could still see the high buildings from San Francisco's downtown, at a distance. What a difference, eh?


We walked along this path until we reached another beach. This one was a bit larger and the Golden Gate Bridge was now very close to us.


To reach the bridge, however, we had to get away from the coast and travel a small road uphill. If we had kept moving along the coast we would walk under it and that wasn't our goal.


After a long walk but which appeared to pass real fast, as we were always meeting incredible landscapes and views, we finally found ourselves at the top of the bridge.

Behind us, we could see San Francisco's downtown again... What a long way we had come.


We took the time to appreciate the view over the Bay Area again and see the whole path we have walked... 😊


We had walked this far already, so we decided to cross the bridge all the way to the other side.


Most people do this by car or autobus but as you can see we weren't the only ones crossing it by foot.


Along the bridge there are some protective fences to prevent people from falling into the river. Or to deliberately jump. Taking photos is almost impossible until you reach the centre of the bridge. At that point, you are free to take photos again...

We saw a Hyundai cargo ship which appeared to be heading towards Alcatraz.


As soon as you reach the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge you can see a big plaque with the main people who worked at this project, from officers to engineers. It's a very vast list... and it doesn't include all the labourers at the bottom of the chain. I think they would have needed 5 or 6 plaques like this, had they included them all. 🤫


Oh, and we say a Marylin Monroe wannabe, with her dress being blown away by the wind. How sexy. 🤭

At this point, you'll find a lot of tourists enjoying the view and taking pictures, exactly like us.


Down below, there were some adventurous windsurfers...


Even though there are plenty of tourists, you'll see a lot of locals crossing the bridge, as well.


Those two guys walked right by us as if this was the most natural scene in the world. They kept walking and talking to each other as if they did this every day.


We've kept admiring the view for a while... and taking the opportunity to rest a bit, at the same time.


This lady passed by us while talking on the phone, not even looking at the scenery. Obviously another local on her daily routine.


More and more people kept walking by... and that got us thinking:

  • They must be heading somewhere... Right? Let's take a look and see what's ahead.


We could see a dock of some sort, with lots of boats but that wasn't the destination of all this people. There had to be somewhere else. Some village or city where these folks were heading to. 🤔


More and more locals appeared... the more people passed by us, the more curious we got. 🐈

(You need to keep in mind that this happened 10 years ago. Having Smartphones with GPS and a global data connection wasn't a thing, back then.)


We finally had reached the end of the bridge... so we had to decide:

  • Shall we push ahead or head back to San Francisco?


The Hyundai cargo boat was still heading towards Alcatraz. Supplies for the prison guards and inmates, maybe?


The docking area was closer now... and didn't seem that attractive to us. I mean, it's cute and all... but we had no boating license. There wasn't much for us to do there.


Well... that appeared to be the only path available so headed down there anyway. Just for a while...


We kept looking... and we realised that no one except us was going down this path. Where were all the locals? 🤔

We surely must have missed something along the way... We forgot that idea and headed back to the main road. There weren't many options there... at this intersection you can either go forward of turn back to San Francisco, from the same path we had came. We were very confused. 🙄


Apparently, the locals were simply heading down the main road, even though it didn't appear to have an end in sight. How strange. Oh, well.

"When in Rome, do as the Romans do." - Right? And so we did...


We've kept walking and walking, waiting for some interesting place to pop up.


After a long walk, our efforts were compensated. We had reached... Sausalito!!! 😎


On the next and final part of this article, I'll show you some really cool images of this picturesque little town. Stay tuned...

CameraCanon IXUS 210
LocationSan Francisco - USA
Photos31 (Edited with GIMP)

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Great photos, they look amazing!

Thank you very much. I'm glad you liked it.

I didn’t realize there were recreational spaces like that so near the bridge. I imagine it’s probably windy everywhere there.

Yes, it was a bit windy but people there seemed used to it. It didn't stopped them to have some fun. 😁

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

I see that you travel a lot dear friend, how lucky you are, I have never left my city. : D I wish you continue traveling and having fun in every place you visit!

Yes, I do... or at least I did, before all this virus madness started. I hope things will go back to normal soon enough. I miss that. 😑

I hope you can find a way to travel a bit, too.😉

Wow, these are very pretty places.😍 please enjoyed it.

Thanks a lot for your visit and comment. I'm glad you liked it.

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Thank you very much for the support, @invisusmundi! It's a great honour to be picked and featured among so many amazing writers. 🤗

Love the panoramic views! I hope to get to see the bridge sometime too! I'm sick of enjoying that landscape only in pictures :(

I hope you can do it someday, too...

By the way, these photos were taken with an old camera. It didn't have the panoramic shot feature. I simply edited them to cut off the unnecessary sky space and they ended up like that! 🤭

Excelentes fotos y me gustó también la narración. Ver el puente Golden Gate tan de cerca debe ser una gran experiencia, sobre todo para quien no vive en Estados Unidos y que solo puede verlo en películas.

Un abrazo desde Venezuela, @trincowski

It sure is. It was the first time I left Europe, too. A great experience! 😌
Thanks for your visit.

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Superb photographs sir, specially the bridges and the water to clouds. They are spreading out a very pleasant feeling 👌
Good that you guys didnt walk the unmanned roads, u saved yourself from getting mugged 😁😁

I was never afraid of criminals while I was there except for the one time we decided to cross the other bridge... into Oakland! Now that's a scary place!!! 😬

Ha ha.. we never realise, untill that happens. I had similar incident where they robbed $80 (all I had in cash) n while leaving they were laughing at me and disappeared. Everyone said I'm very lucky that they didnt beat me up for more.

what an amzibg photography thanks a lot for sharing sir⁦✌️⁩👌📸

I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for dropping by!

Lovely selection of photos! I love the diversity of them. Have always wanted to visit San Francisco, and Alcatraz Prison, though not sure if they open up for tourists haha! Looks like you had a great time! 😍

I think the only way to visit Alcatraz is by committing some really hardcore murders... 😶

Thanks for your visit and comment.

Wow! You really encountered different scenery all the way. Thanks for sharing amazing photos as well :)

Yep, it was very cool to see all those different areas!
Thanks for your visit!

Вот и вторая часть!

Еще раз спасибо!

Another great post with which you brought me walking with you all along again. I'm just wondering how many hours you've spent on that sightseeing, walking trip?!

I have to admit that I envy you for the experience you had back then. When I was in San Francisco, I was on a business trip, and I hardly had the chance and time to throw a look on San Francisco's downtown, not to mention anything more.

The funniest part is that my colleagues were always envying me as I was traveling a lot, and I had never managed to explain them how it's not like taking the vacation trip when you would have the time for sightseeing, walking around, having fun and stuff.

Sometimes, I would fly to some city without even seeing it. Although I would have several hours in between the flights, there wasn't a single chance to grab a moment for the smallest tourist tour, especially if the airport was big and you would need 30 minutes up to an hour just to move from your arrival gate to your departure gate.

Thank you very much!

I'm just wondering how many hours you've spent on that sightseeing, walking trip?!

It looks like I've read your mind in advance... You'll find the answer at the very end of the 3rd and final part! 😎

I only went on a business trip once. You're right about that... but still, it is better than staying inside the same office all the time. 😂

Well, I wouldn't agree with you on that one...

...it is better than staying inside the same office all the time.

As everything in life has its pros and cons, the same applies here too. Therefore, I would rather say how it's just another "coin" with two sides (as every other "coin" as well). 😉

And above all of that, it's just another prove of human nature that always wants what it doesn't have at particular moment. But the moment it got it and realizes it's also not something that spectacular as it was expected, it starts to long for something else.

Thank you, dear, for such an interesting story! I have never been to this country. Seeing new places inspiring me! So turquoise water in the sea. It reminded me of my journey to the estuary.

Hi there. This was the only time I was in America. Since the trip is long and expensive, I usually stick to Europe in my travels.

I enjoyed it, back then. But nowadays the USA got a lot more scary and dangerous. I don't know if I'll ever go there again. 🙄

Thanks for your visit and comment.

We were in Krakow and Budapest, we really like these cities! Europe is beautiful. We would like to visit Spain, Italy, Portugal ...