Europe - Weekly Round-Up #140

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Welcome to today's weekly Travelfeed Europe roundup!

Europe as a travel destination has so much to offer, sometimes it's kind of hard what country or city to choose for your next vacation. Get inspired by the following travel articles shared on and learn about some of the best spots of the continent.

The BEST posts for Europe

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Further north: Hike through a closed by @koenau

📍Lower Saxony, Germany

It’s 30 years after the german re-unification as we mind a bizarre plan: We’re trekking along the Iron Curtain, the former deadly borderline between the East and the West of Germany! There is a hiking way named „Grenzwanderweg“ or „Green Ribbon“. You can hike here along the path on which the east german border guards monitored the „Iron Curtain“

Slovenia - Austria - Italy motorcycle trip (part by @orestistrips

📍Tyrol, Austria

Innsbruck A beautiful early September morning finds me ready to leave Bavaria behind for Tirol Austria with mixed feelings. Sad to leave a bunch of nice guys behind, happy to meet a much older friend of mine later South of Innsbruck. Weather forecast made the situation even more confusing. Heavy rain was expected ahead but too sunny and hot for my

One unusual day, Rhodope mountain (a story with ten moody by @lightcaptured


Rhodope mountain is well know for its amazing beauty. It is a heavenly range where some believe Nature has few hidden treasures, both material and invisible for the eyes. Quite an interesting fact is that the most centenarians in Bulgaria live in villages exactly there. What is the secret? Nobody knows for sure but it definitely is related to our

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