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Welcome to today's weekly Travelfeed Asia roundup!

Are you bored out of your mind and need a distraction? Then we got the right articles for you, the following are our favorite posts from last week featuring Asia. Start reading and daydreaming. If you haven't shared your stories yet, don't forget to give it a try on!

The BEST posts for Asia

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Jaipur’s Tourist Attractions on a Budget | Pink Stepwell, Albert Hall & White Marble by @wanderein

Time Stamp 0:00 Pink Stepwell (FREE) 1:05 Albert Hall (Not free but included in the Composite Ticket) 2:44 Birla Mandir Temple/ White Marble Temple (FREE but be mindful of the religious ceremonies. It is not a tourist place. Outside the temple is a good place to watch the sunset and hear the Hindu prayers) Royalty Free Music from Bensound

📷 The Land of High Mountains: Pakistan. Day 12. Trekking to Nowhere - The Way by @sharker

We are sitting on the top of the moraine after a tiring hike along mountain paths along the glacier. It was promised as a small easy trekking, from which we will return back to the shepherd’s village for lunch — but it seems that something went wrong (we? :)), lunch time has already come, and we are only sitting at the end point, and it’s not that

Taiwans ancient castle: A fortress with red by @koenau

Those who have read my travel reports from Taiwan should have noticed that the inhabitants of the island, formerly called Formosa, always pose a little riddle with the names of their towns and places. Today, for example, we are in Tamsui, also spelled Tanshui or Tamshui, a district of the city of New Taipei with a good 140,000 inhabitants, so

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