America - Weekly Round-Up #108


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Welcome to today's weekly Travelfeed America roundup!

North, Central or South America - we try to cover it all by sharing our favorite articles from these travel destinations submitted to us on and via the TravelFeed communities. Ready for some adventure? We're pretty sure we'll satisfy your wanderlust with the following posts.

The BEST posts for America

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🇵🇪 The colorful Mercado Camilo in Arequipa + A Peruvian secret you need to know by @waybeyondpadthai

📍Arequipa, Peru

Hive, hive, hive it up - We hive it up.. The first post through the Hive Chain, I’m excity like very.. <3 While in Peru, going to a Peruvian market seems to be something I love doing and literally, it’s enjoyable to do so. Many fruits I have never seen, a lot of food I get excited about. Great stuff at local prices.. Same here in Arequipa, we went [...]

TravelFeed Initiative: Coronavirus situation in Brazil by @mrprofessor

📍Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Amid worldwide fear, doubt and uncertainty, and on a flood of inaccurate information performed by the news industry that desperately seeks for clicks, our society seems lost on this battle against the Coronavirus (CoVID-19).On my daily observations on the TravelFeed Community, I feel like the travelers and digital nomads are the ones seeking for an[...]

Travel To North Carolina “The Omni Grove” by @julee

📍North Carolina, United States

We are get the chance travel to north Carolina we drove the car from Florida to North Carolina it’s take 9-10 hours to get there.Your first view of the Omni Hotel feels like your are going back in time. Located in Asheville NC is one of the oldest Hotels in the United States. It’s beautiful place and beautiful view when walked to backside you will[...]

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