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RE: The Borromean Islands, Italy

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First of all, it's great that you took your parents to the place where your mother lived during her childhood. I can imagine how happy she felt while spending valuable time there again. I think it's a very excellent gift for her indeed!

The islands are very beautiful with wonderful scenery of the lake and the mountains. The botanical park is fascinating with gorgeous flowers and wonderful plants. The palace is magnificent and the garden is beautiful.

I'm glad to know that the COVID-19 situation in Italy is largely under control, for now.

Thanks so much for sharing. Stay safe and healthy! ;)


Thanks. Mum was the happiest we've seen in a decade. Lots of the good kind of tears.

With regards to the coronavirus. One hundred days ago, when the contagion was accelerating, this outcome would have been called an unrealistic best case scenario. Then citizens took responsibility, the lockdown was successful and effective. Nothing's perfect, we could have done better in some places, people may be celebrating too soon--but the country (and the EU) definitely dodged a bullet.

You're welcome!

Yeah! I'm glad to know that it was the happiest time for her in a decade. You did great thing for her indeed. ;)

Thanks so much for providing me more information about the coronavirus situation in your country. I wish the virus disappear from the whole world very soon.