Archery and a day of fun with @whangster79 and @ryulincoln

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Since the three of us are into bows we went out to an archery range and practiced shooting arrows. Wearing my Hive neck gaiter we started practicing at ten yards. @ryulincoln brought along his PSE Nighthawk recurve bow. And I brought along my PSE Mustang recurve bow. @whangster79's was still in the shop so we just shared our recurves with him. I have not shot mine since getting it restringed and I found it not working correctly. Ill explain later, but for the mean time we just shared @ryulincoln's bow.

And we got our groupings pretty good. But as soon as we went outside and doubled the distance to twenty yards it got alot harder to hit our paper targets.

Using a recurve bow, my fingers were getting pretty sore after launching a few dozen arrows over a few hours. Since I do not have a wrist release my fingers take quite the beating using this kind of bow.

Doing the outdoor range was alot harder than indoor, the distance quickly made hitting the target alot harder. We lost some arrows in the grass, as seems to always happen when shooting outdoors.

On our way out there were Blackberry bushes fruiting, I had a couple ripe berries, @whangster79 was a little hesitant about trying one. Not used to just picking berries from bushes. I confirmed with @ryulincoln they were indeed Blackberries.

After leaving the range we head over to an archery store to pick up @whangster79's bow. The shop was pretty close to the range so we swinged by the shop and got it. Looking at my bow on the left compared to @ryulincoln's on the right, the string did not look right.

While we were there I had their bow expert look at my setup, I complained when I shot my bow it would whack my hand real bad. After just two shots it was really hurting so I stopped using it. The bow expert said I had the wrong length string on the bow, it was too long making the rest height wrong. He put a new string on my bow and it felt alot better, the right length of string did the job. The new string had a nice color twine that really matched my bow so it added a nice look to it as well.

In the archery store we visited, there was a huge target. It was a Yeti or bigfoot, I had a picture taken next to it. Im over six feet tall so this thing must be eight to nine feet tall. It had a removable insert so you could shoot arrows at it, and when it gets full of holes you can get a new insert and keep using it.

While waiting for my bow to be fixed I took some pictures next to it. I tried not to touch it as it was kinda unstable and rocked around.

@whangster79 got a picture of him with his VXR bow in front of the big creature. He uses a compound bow, which is different from @ryulincoln's and my recurve bow. His uses cams and gears to get more torque while ours use the bows shape and curve to get its torque when firing arrows.

After getting our bows serviced, @whangster79 wanted to treat @ryulincoln and myself to some Korean BBQ in K-Town. We drove the restaurant and went inside, the waiter took our temperature and wore masks while serving us.

We had lots of meat, Beef brisket, Bulgogi beef, Squid and Bulgogi pork. I liked the pork the most, and having the squid was something I have not tried in decades. Last time was when I visited Catalina Island.

The meat was served with lettuce and a pepper paste on top, along with many fermented vegetables. I got to try many new sides I have never had before.

The Beef went onto the BBQ next and we turned it and moved the meat around as it cooked, there was alot of fat on the meat which gave it a very savory taste.

The squid went onto the BBQ next, took a long time to cook it. I had a couple pieces, had a strong fish flavor and was kind of chewy. Not my favorite but @ryulincoln liked it alot and ate most of it.

The fermented sides were yummy, we ate them all and had seconds. I need to ask my friends again what vegetables were fermented in here. I dont remember.

We ate all the BBQ meat with rice and the fermented vegetables, I couldnt have asked for anything else. We really enjoyed ourselves and appreciate @whangster79 treating us to it. @ryulincoln and I have been taking him out into the woods alot since he moved to Georgia, so he wanted to return the favor treating us to dinner.

After an hour or two we were full, eating four kinds of meat. A bowl of rice, a bunch of fermented vegetables, sauces and the salad we were full. My friends kept asking me if I wanted more and I had to turn them down after five or so courses of food. I did not eat for the rest of that day I was so full. I think it lasted me over till the next morning.

Spending the day with my friends was great, practicing shooting arrows, getting our bows fixed and having some delicious Korean BBQ at the end of the day was excellent.

If you want a Hive Logo neck gaiter like I wear in the pictures you can find them on See link below.

Addresses below to help me buy better camera equipment and support me to travel to locations to do photo and video and overall great blogs in new places.


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Archery is a very challenging sport and you just have to do all the factors to make it right for you and enjoy it @solominer :D
Those berries are really delicious-looking too. Anyway Korean barbecue or Samgyupsal or something like that are like Fastfoods getting recognition here in my country because the way it is eaten, you pick up the ingredients you want to barbecue or boil then you will do it on the table together with friends or family. It is just frustrating for me that I can never visit such a place but it can I guess be done at home if you order and cook it yourself. Maybe I will have to try that too.

Yeah takes alot of practice but I hope to get the hang of it eventually. Hopefully your family brings you back some of the Korean BBQ when they go and you cant join them.

I have never been to such types of places before...I am sure you had a really great time there. The food looks delicious...

Have a nice day :)

Oh man you need to try out Korean BBQ one day. You get to do the cooking at your table. Something real special about that.

Thanks alot for the comment Pri

I can't play this game but I love to watch this game very much. O your finger turned into red colour with playing about 1 hour. Is it difficult or dangerous?

Yeah it is fun to watch as well, haha yeah they were sore for awhile but now they are fine again.

If you treat them with respect I dont think they are dangerous but yeah it's a difficult sport. Shooting past 10 yards for me is hard.

I shall try to play this game or learn this game if I get opportunity later on