"What makes Barquisimeto unique: Twilight City, Musical Capital".

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A city like no other is Barquisimeto, the capital of the Lara State. In fact it is known as the musical city of the country, I was born here and have lived in this city since then and I have felt this place unique. Even when I have visited other cities in Venezuela, there is always a beautiful feeling when I return to Barquisimeto.

A growing city and an organized city, that is for me Barquisimeto, a true gem of a city where it is easy to get anywhere.

I have lived here since I can remember, but this city has been 467 years since its foundation, and it has become a modern city and one of the largest in terms of population.

The city is so important for the industry and for the country's economy since its location is the center of communications, agriculture and industries in the central-western region of Venezuela.

Believe it or not, I have walked this entire city as a hobby and for work, I have known almost every corner of it, from the most beautiful and colorful to the most unpleasant and unsafe places, but it is still the best city for me from Venezuela.

##Barquisimeto has one of its most emblematic monuments to show beautiful places and for which Barquisimeto is best known is the Obelisk Located to the west of the city. A gift from Marcos Pérez Jiménez when the city was 400 years old, it is the tallest monument in Venezuela so far.

Other of the most current buildings a true work of engineering is the Flower of Venezuela.


It is an urban icon of Barquisimeto and a reference of Venezuela in the world. This work in representative form of flower literally closes and opens its petals, it was designed to house all the flowers of Venezuela and also all the types of fish that inhabit here.

Another great work that you can find is the Cathedral of Barquisimeto. Work that was rebuilt 2 times due to 2 earthquakes, in the end the construction of the current church began in 1953 by the Architect Jahn Bergkamp.




Barquisimeto has many shopping malls, 3 of them are the largest in the city and have movie theaters and food fairs, they are Sambil Shopping Mall, Metropolis City and La Trinitarias Shopping Center.

The largest of all is the Sambil Shopping Center, its architecture was made in the form of a large four representing the musical city of Venezuela. Located in the east of the city.




They are followed by Metropolis City located to the west of the city near the Obelisk monument.


And the Trinitaries located to the east of the city, which was the first large commercial center of the City, was later surpassed by the Sambil and Metropolis.


In the center of the city is the Old Town, which has a Museum, Theater, Palace of Justice and Government, among others, ornate squares to visit and take a few photos.








The city also has different parks, one of the most famous and visited is the Cardenalito park, located at the entrance to Barquisimeto. From there you can see a beautiful sunset over the city that you cannot miss.

Barquisimeto is a pleasant city that can be enjoyed simply by walking it. Although it is quite large, I have done it hehe.

I invite you to enjoy this video created by VisionPlusVzla so you can take a walk around the city and get to know a little more about it. You will see a beautiful view of Barquisimeto.

I invite you to participate in this Contest: What makes your city unique.



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