Nepal Trekking - On forgotten Paths through Langtang Tsergo Ri Climbing Audio Guide


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These are dark and troubled times, times we're all have to stay home, to be alone, we have to cancel our holiday plans and we have to pray for our families and friends. It seems the whole wide world is out of control, it's a mess, the end of an era when we had the chance to discover the world and visit places far away from home. There we found friends and saw things that were strange and great... it's over.
But now let me take you with me to a distant land that is completely inaccessible to any of us right now. And let me tell you some pictureque stories from another time and another place: Nepal, the kingdom of the Himalaya. Follow me to a journey on forgotten paths through the Langtang National Park and on the summit of Tsergo Ri, one of the famous mountains of this widespread unknown region at the Himalaya massiv.
You can find all the stories separate on my profile on Travelfeed: But for those of you who don't want to read 50,000 characters, I have built an audio version with a film from the best pictures of the tour. Have fun with it!
Trekking at the Himalaya Nepal Langtang National Park

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