Street Art in Willemstad, Curacao

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The weather is good, the vibe is good and also the the art in the streets was good. Today I want to show you some fine street art which I found in the small streets of Willemstad.

What a delight it was to be out in the streets again! This time I was in Willemstad, the capital city of the island of Curacao. Curacao is an island which is part of the Dutch Kingdom but has had a status independent since 10-10-2010.

Screenshot_20201117-153516_Photo Editor.jpg

On the Southside of the capital in the Punda area there is a small square to be found with a few little coffee bars and a beautiful place to sit down. It has all of this art on every wall which is really cool because the art is not flat. It has relief and is like stuck on the wall. A beautiful addition to how normal a 'simple' building can be. All of a sudden it is unique.

Screenshot_20201117-153532_Photo Editor.jpg

On another wall on the same square the theme of outdoors continued. This iguana sculpture was sticking out of the wall, and how cool does this look!

Even though mostly I would enjoy a coffee with view on the side of the ocean or so, this art on the walls was totally worth staying on the square for. I was wondering while I was sitting here how this got here, if this was an initiative from the shopholders or if this was done as an initiative from the city to brighten up the streets.

Not all streets in Willemstad are that bright, but the island has been working on this over the years. The other side of the channel the Otrabanda area used to be notorious for its crime rate a couple of years back, not a pleasant place to stay. But this has been picked up by the local government with all kinds of initiatives and this area has become a lot better now. It is even known now for its art as well, while before this was an area where you wanted to stay out of.

Screenshot_20201117-153456_Photo Editor.jpg

Willemstad is a city which is already known for its brightly coloured houses, but with the addition of this kind of street art, everybody can find some cool stuff here. So the next time when the cruise liners decide to go again and you visit the island of Curacao, surely don't forget to walk a small lap in the city before hitting the beaches!

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I remember beeing in Willemstad a few years ago, and I really liked it. It seems that the world has dramatically changed since and that this place is more out of reach that I would have ever expected it could be. Thank you for sharing these photos to remember!

the pleasure was all mine,

Yeah exactly the place seems miles away and unrachable at the moment till I found a gap this year to visit.. I dont regret although it did feel weird with the whole world being on lockdown.

It did gave me a lot of energy actually being somewhere again, I guess more than any vitaminpil could give

Wow, what magnificent artworks! They are amazing!

I wish that we would do it here....

I love it, thank you so much for showing us these beautiful buildings (which would be pretty boring without the

Crossposted into the #wednesdayWalk community too.

thanks for the crosspost! <3

Yeah indeed, without these things it is just a building and now all of a sudden it is a piece of art and really cool to see. An enhancement for the area I would say.

These are really cool because of the extra texture I find

What I love most about it is that it's putting nature back where nature will not survive unless it is in artform....nad I think it's better to have nature being presented in that way for everyone to see everyday, than putting nature in prisons in zoos...

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