Weekend traveling through the Netherlands!

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Man i really want to travel this year, i have been thinking of traveling all year.
But that stupide germ thing... Oh well, nothing you can do about it.

At the end of 2019 i wanted to go to China, do a little hiking and camping across the chinese wall! Visiting the cities of Beijing and Shanghai, visit the rice terraces of Yuanyang and of course Zhangjiajie National Park!

This december i wanted to go to Chilli, to look at the solar eclipse that is occurring in two days. To bad that things were too uncertain this year to book a flight! Didn't want to get sick in a faraway country.   

But no worries for me, i am only 42 years old so time enough to travel. 

This year the only traveling outside the netherlands where a couple of trips to Belgium. Did some urban exploring around the city of Liege and some hiking trips in the Ardennes, a big national park that stretches from germany to Luxembourg and Belgium. 

VW california from 1992

Those trip i took with my VW campervan, just like tonight, i am typing this blog from my van. Currently standing near the town of Nijmegen because tomorrow i will go for a sunrise trip to a national park in this area. 

My first cover shoot

Today i was at the presentation of a book of a friend of my! I did some photo work for the book and my picture is on the cover. It's my first cover shoot :p I am not sure where the book is about because i just looked at the pictures if they were good, it's a spiritual yoga kind of thing. 

One of the pictures in the book from a shoot at national Park Drunense Duinen in the Netherlands!
One of the pictures in the book from a shoot at national Park Drunense Duinen in the Netherlands!
This one is on the cover!
This one is on the cover!

I was filming that she walked around the area, in my profile some where you can find that clip.
Here is a still from one of those clips, not to good qualitie but is stil mede the book :) 

Still out of a drone clip!
Still out of a drone clip!

Hatertse en Overasseltse Vennen!

Tomorrow i will visit the Hatertse en Overasseltse  Vennen, it's a very divers but small nature park. I have been there bev=for but the sunrise wasn't that good. Forecast looked good a couple of days ago but the weather has changed. 

sunrise back in july of this year
sunrise back in july of this year

The sunrise was at 05:37 in the morning... Way too early. Luckily it's winter and the sun will come up at 08:35 tomorrow morning, i can stay in my bed longer :p

Dead tree at the venne
Dead tree at the venne

Will go to bad now. Its almost 23:00 hour. Tomorrow i lmake some stories on my instagram account and if the pictures i take are any good i will show them here. 

I woke up this morning and it was raining! I decided to stay in the van instead of going to drive out to the national park. Al of a sudden the sky turned orange! It was just for 1 minute but glad i always have my camera ready :)

My van at the campsite this morning!
My van at the campsite this morning!

This was a very local "sunrise"glad i stayed in this morning :)

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Book cover? Cool... :)

Everyone's been dreaming of travelling, I guess... We always want things we used to have and took for granted, and now it's almost impossible! All the best for 2021! May we all have what we want most! :)

Yeah thank you, about 10 pictures of me are in there :) I hope 2021 will be a little bit better :p