The gift from nature

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It was a real gift from nature itself. I came to my small homeland in Veliky Ustyug and this city met me with a bright sunset.

As soon as a beautiful gloomy light began to manifest itself, I immediately rushed to the embankment of the Sukhonа River. Only there it is possible to capture such a colorful natural phenomenon in the most diverse way.

The rainbow was very bright and looked great against the background of the monastery, which is located in the distance.

Despite the rain, many people came to admire such beauty.

These photos are a preview of a future post where photos will be made on high-quality equipment.

Even after sunset and dusk, a beautiful light for a long time pleased the inhabitants of the city.

All photos are made on Samsung Galaxy S10.

The main task was to quickly provide a photo report on the event. Later a more detailed photo report will be formed.

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The captured rainbow is amazing also the building at the end makes it look even more beautiful is it a church or mosque of some sort.

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Giving this message on this post that is not plagiarism is a dangerous precedent because your qualm was with them using wikipedia for wording was it not... and this has only personal commentary with his pictures.
Because of this problematic warning that helps no one = the downvote.

I support! these comments are spam, which is against the rules of the community.

They kind of are the definition of spam aren't they? You should talk to the community you post to as they have moderation abilities

The hivewatchers force everyone to write a penitential letter. They have fun when they humiliate others.

I support! these comments are spam, which is against the rules of the community.
Moreover, this post is in no way plagiarized!