Parfenov Exhibition

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The next village of the Parfenovsky bush is the Parfenov Exhibition. It also belongs to the Veliky Ustyug district of the Vologda region and is also part of the Parfenovsky rural settlement. It is located one and a half kilometers from the previous village. Abandoned completely.

Houses are located near one street on one side. Around the field.

According to the state of the houses, we can say that the Parfenov Exhibition was abandoned by people quite recently.

Many huts still have whole windows. But here and there the marauders were knocking out the doors.

The word Exhibition in the name of a village in Old Russian means a courtyard or a village outside the main one on the land assigned to the old settlement.

An abandoned village from a partially residential one is distinguished by the neatness of the adjacent territory and the entrance to the village.

Even if at least one house here was used as a summer residence, the grass on the street would be flattened, and the grass near the house would be mown altogether, otherwise it would be difficult to walk and drive.

Here, by the way, the grass is slightly flattened. Most likely, some of the houses are used by hunters as a temporary shelter. And from the poles to some houses there are wires.

In such small villages, you rarely find any huge five-walled with a balcony or at least a mezzanine. But beauty is still found among ordinary simple huts.

Judging by the lonely crane-well in the middle of the field, there could be a house in that place.

The houses are still not completely empty: there are floors, whole ceilings, some furniture and household items have survived.

And all because people lived in the Parfenov Exhibition quite recently.

No, they have not lived here permanently for a long time. According to the 2002 census, there were already only three permanent residents.

Many personal belongings of former residents have been preserved in one of the houses.

The house was apparently closed for a long time, but someone broke the door and decided to look at the interior.

If a few years ago I could take all the iron out of an abandoned house in order to somehow beat off the trip, now I don't even touch any things with my hands.

I have been studying the metaphysics of dimensions and all kinds of vibrations for a long time, and now I know what the consequences can be for bad intentions both on the part of the law and on the part of the Universe. The second is much worse!

But I also know about my duty to capture the past.

This is one of my missions in this life.

There is art in photography, which is designed to give people aesthetic pleasure, to have world recognition, to be in the most famous museums in the world.

And there is work in photography. And most likely such photos will go unnoticed, although I try to publish them everywhere and tell about the places I visited.

This work is not for money and fame, but for...I don't even know how to say...well, just need to. In heavens they see everything and will reward for the work properly. Again: the intention is to show to people and keep them in history, not make money from it.

Perhaps, by accumulating a documentary archive, I thus earn my retirement. Maybe not. Here, by the way, is the broken door...

The Parfenov Exhibition is a classic example of a floodplain village. It is strange that in this village there are almost no baths and sheds.

I'll go and see another Exhibition, only different named.

The road goes on and, judging by the tracks, someone lives in the next village.