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When I knew the essence of the graphic landscape, then every photo shoot became more and more difficult and thus more exciting. But the most interesting thing was to shoot the textures of nature on a global scale. For this, of course, I needed to climb to a great height. I already somehow imagined the technique of such shooting, but I would not have thought that it was so interesting!

Graphic landscape - the concept is quite blurry. Until recently, I could not even define genre of these pictures. I was prompted here.

The genre of such plots can range from textures, patterns, graphics, to an almost classic landscape with easily recognizable objects.

In this case, clean graphics, textures of nature.

I used to be hard-processing my first graphic shots to achieve the desired effect, but now it’s much more interesting to find a finished plot and capture it in its original form. This, of course, is much more complicated! But can it be interesting when everything is simple and affordable?

It seems to me that the essence of real photography is that we use the tool to capture the world as it really is.

And when the photo is too processed, another sky is overlaid, colors are distorted, then this is a digital art picture. It can be beautiful, but has little to do with photography.

Unfortunately, I lost a lot of time doing collages and licking photos when I could hone my look at another. Although many of the photographs of the past have already gone down in history and are not in vain.

On the other hand, any experience is useful once it has already been. Nothing passes in life for nothing! After all, I came to almost everything myself, no one really helped me.

But now I know exactly what I should do and how.

I just moved to another level...and there are many more ahead.

To be continued...

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