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There are not many photos from high height, wait a little and I will stop tormenting you with them! I try to already publish about graphics from a height through the post, diluting with other topics.

Here again, I want to reflect on the topic of reporting and documentary photography. After all, I can say that I joined this environment not so long ago, and thoughts on this subject constantly revolve in my head.

The most important difference between a documentary-reportage photographer and a regular photographer is the ability to correctly and in the case add text to your photos.

Reporting photography is very closely related to journalism, as it describes events and facts.

If you are good at landscape or portrait photography, then never go to reportage photography. May you have better pictures of people or nature. Otherwise, you will cease to take pictures of beauty and ordinary grayness of life will appear in your photos.

But somehow I see beauty in grayness of our life and I know how (I don’t know how well) to convey it correctly.

Nature can also be documented, but this process is very lengthy. There are many global changes in nature, but not everywhere.

The texture of the ice with small islands looks just amazing!

I do not claim that these photos are specifically reportable, but definitely documentary.

But what if one of these photos is used in the media, will it automatically become a reportage? It is also possible. But it will still be done in the style of graphic landscape. Here is such a nonsense.

Some photos with high clarity reflect the history of mankind or the earth as a whole, and some say nothing.

Therefore, you need to try to do not only beautifully, but also to approach with meaning. Although, what am I telling you...the photographer is different for the photographer. Someone has the task of simply delighting people with beautiful pictures...

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