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In this post, finally, there will be a real graphic landscape from a bird's eye view. Prior to this, all the photos were as close as possible to the classical landscape, only some elements made the plot graphic.

The snowy expanses of the North-West of Russia look more minimalist. But plain trees without snow - this is exactly the graphics that I shoot from the ground. I always wanted to capture the graphics of nature in a more global way, but for this you need to shoot from a high height. This is quite feasible without aircraft. For this purpose, we need elevations, which we, unfortunately, do not have so much, although I have already managed to do something similar. The aircraft, on the other hand, allows you to fully reveal all the charms of natural graphics.

Only small tones in the color scheme are visible.

Even in such a meager diversity of northern nature, you can find something unique!

And sometimes even amazing creations of nature come across.

I tried to capture in general everything that caught my eye. And my eyes saw beauty in everything and incessantly.

Oh, how I wish to fly over the autumn tundra...what colors are there! Although, if you fly over our forests, then the colors will amaze the imagination no less!

But even what I saw fascinated me. Further, of course, it will be even more interesting: the flight will take place over the swamps, but everything has its time!

I also want a slightly higher quality of the images, but this already depends on the equipment, which also has a limit.

The documentary value of such images is completely nonexistent.

In the future, only objects, residential or non-residential settlements will be of historical value, and nature does not change globally...

Although who knows, maybe all the forests will be cut down and even the ordinary nature in the photos will look alien.

To be continued...

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Giving this message on this post that is not plagiarism is a dangerous precedent because your qualm was with them using wikipedia for wording was it not?
... and this has only personal commentary with his pictures.

Because of this problematic warning that helps no one = the downvote.