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So, I will give you a little break and next time I will post on another topic! But then do not wait for mercy - the photos will be even more interesting and diverse!

For one flight over the open spaces of the North-West of Russia, you can shoot so much material that you will then get tired of processing and you got vomit. No quadcopter is needed!

Now, if you fly over places where the landscape is more diverse, and even in sunny weather during off-peak hours, the artistic value of photos would increase significantly.

And so it turns out a simple documentary photograph with elements of minimalism and graphics.

Most photographers will be interested in the appearance of a settlement outside the window of the aircraft.

My interest is absolutely any landscape, even homogeneous without a single eye-catching element.

But the houses still look very interesting, like toy houses. Thus, they attract maximum attention.

Both stand-alone on a white background, and in large quantities.

Cottages look especially interesting, but I will show them in the next post on this topic.

To approximately imagine how interesting small cottages will look, take a look at an ordinary Russian village!

It seems to me that until people are not filled with landscapes and views from above, at the moment absolutely any objects in photographs will be of interest.

And if you still have time to catch geometry, shapes and lines, then the frame becomes twice as valuable and interesting.

On the outskirts of any large settlement there is always a cottage village.

And here again nature!

To be continued...

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Beautiful photos! I used the night mode in order to enjoy them better :)