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I immediately warn that there will be many posts about the graphics from height! These photos have accumulated a lot and they were waiting in the wings. I deliberately will not indicate the location, so that the landscape is perceived as something common, averaged. My task is not to tell about a specific trip (I still don’t know many places I flew over), but to show how interesting the ordinary world is from above, how graphic and scale our nature is.

All photos are also intentionally (rather, even by accident) not ordered.
Abandoned villages would be very interesting to shoot with a quadrocopter!

It seems to me that it's still worth having a drone in my photo arsenal.

But I need to use it as a supplement, not the main tool. Nevertheless, people walk on the ground, and do not fly like birds, therefore information is also better and more familiar from the ground.

From great heights, closed or very remote inaccessible territories also become visible to the eye. The main thing is to comply with the law on private territory.

Although the scale is so huge that it is difficult to judge a particular one of privacy.

If you climb a little higher, take a more right angle, then you will get maps from the satellite.

They say that in Soviet times it was forbidden to take amateur photos higher than second floor. For the publication of this kind of materials you could be severely punished.

Now all possible means of geolocation are available, maps of all types on paper and electronic media, navigators, satellite images... what kind of privacy can there be?

And do not forget about the wide distribution of drones, which are almost never regulated by law.

Today, there is almost complete freedom for taking pictures from a height. All that is needed is just the means to fulfill the technical aspects.

We must use this moment!

It’s worth it even if you just look at the world just above the height of a multi-storey building and some rethinking will happen in your head.

The world will definitely not be the same for you!

To be continued...

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