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Those who are interested in landscape photography probably already know about a separate type of landscape photography and architecture - this is aerial photography. The highest point has always attracted with its non-standard and special views of the city or the natural landscape. At first, photographers climbed onto the roofs, and even a whole fashionable direction appeared - roofing, but quadrocopters quickly cooled the ardor of the roof-climbers. The drone is very versatile: you can choose almost any point for photography and control the height. But it also has drawbacks: low battery, dependence on strong winds. And there is a third way - to use an aircraft (paraglider, helicopter).

Even with the pops of quadrocopters, the world from above still looks unusual, unique and even unrecognizable. After all, we all the same do not often stumble upon such photographs and also do not often visit ourselves at high altitude.

When at high altitude, the surrounding landscape is difficult to perceive on a scale familiar to us.

Sometimes you understand what’s going on below just by looking at the photo on the monitor.

I shot a lot of graphic plots that were diverse in nature. There were forms, lines, chaos. But it was all on a slightly smaller scale.

View from a height changes the perception of the world completely!

The most important thing is the shooting point. I had the opportunity only to shoot at an oblique angle. This is the disadvantage of shooting from an helicopter. The quadcopter is capable of more.

Here you can think a lot whether a drone is needed. The world is already full of abstract photos from drones and it is unlikely that it will be possible to surprise humanity with something. And such photos are unlikely to be commercially in demand.

In addition, you still need to learn how to manage the drone and immediately buy a costly one makes no sense.

From a height you can see what is hidden from human eyes and is visible only to birds.

And sometimes it is known that a particular landscape would be interesting from a high point, but there is no way to capture it.

For many years I have become accustomed to capturing beauty in the ordinary.

Or even not beauty, but simply learned to see the unusual in the ordinary.

The easiest way to make beautiful pictures in a beautiful place! But what about ugly at first glance places?

To be continued...

All photos made on Canon 6D, EF 24-105L

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