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Hey buddies!

Today I will take you to a "secret" place, where the local population for some strange reason hardly go there, is the connection between downtown and the hill.

In these days more than ever, for obvious reasons related to the current pandemic situation, the place was completely deserted, my primary intent was to show you the Castle, but unfortunately I found it closed and I decided to show you what there is around it.

Tunnels, churches, plants, meadows and old cemetery, are you ready!? Let's go!!!!

Gif by @doze


Logo by @ran.koree

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a nice walk!

Yeah! It was!😀

This place definitely has lots of history about it. Maybe it will be open some other time so we take a look at what's is inside. Great your there @dexpartacus

I've been already inside, soon I will publish another video about the park!
Thanks man!😉✌️

Waiting to see it. Keep it up @dexpartacus