A time to reflect on past travel (and plan future travel!)

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As the world battles with Coronavirus pandemic, we are left in a state where it is essentially impossible to do any meaningful (and safe) travel. Many countries have closed their borders or placed strict rules around who is aloud in. However, this doesnt mean we dont have to stop travel blogging! Infact, if anything travel blogging should be increasing, as many people are in self isolation and thus have plenty of time!


When we were travelling Europe last year I didnt write one blog on the road. Not only did I not have the time, but also didnt have the energy. Since returning, I have been going through my photos and sharing the stories of our travels - our favorite and most unique destinations. Yes we went to loads of big cities, but I like sharing the more unique experiences that we had. It is also amazing what pieces of culture can be picked up on and shared, such as music, food and work cultures. You could share things such as your favorite (or least favorite) country or city, or even your aspirations for future travel!


Planning is a HUGE part of travel, and something I wish I had done more of before we left for our trips. Its much easier when you know where you are going, what you are doing and how much it is going to cost. Travelfeed, along with others such as Tripadvisor, Google and Culturetrip are great places to start investigating where you would like to go next and what that trip might entail. I would often go on forums looking for the weird and quirky things to look at while travelling - it is amazing what you can find! Another good source is UNESCO world heritage.


Although now is a scary and unknown time for the whole world, it also provides us an opportunity to look back at previous travels and share our successes and failures. It also provides us with the time to get excited for future travels (whenever they will be possible...).


Coronavirus is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon, and it could be many, many months before we see any form of normality in the world of travel. I feel that many countries will have strict controls in place going into next year. Stay safe wherever you are, and together we can get through this and start travelling again!

All photos taken by me. Also posted on Travelfeed/Steemit

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