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RE: Initiative ReggaeJahm's #DashOutSunday - Photo and Song

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Looking delicious. I ate the black beans in Curacao, where some Venezuelans have also settled. I quite enjoyed it the way it was made.

And I like reading about history, so don't worry about that.


I hope you liked those black beans, they are consumed a lot in Venezuela. Venezuelans are now all over the world, literally. Although I think there must not be many Venezuelans in Zurinam.

Yes, I even ate it for a second time when we had the chance again.
I know that there are Cubans here, a lot of Brazilians and also from other South American countries. I think also some Venezuelans, but wouldn't know the number. I'm also not sure if they want to stay here, or just want to use Suriname as a hub to move somewhere else.