Fried Fish for Breakfast

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If ever Mr P is missing from the bed when I wake up in the morning, you can be sure he is in the kitchen with something on the fire.

This time it was two red bream, from Ranya Fresh Fish in Kilburn High Road, filleted, seasoned overnight and coated in flour before going in the pan. "£8 for the two," said Mr P proudly, like he had just caught them himself, "and plantains, three for £1 from the shop next door".

Mr P loves to bring me little hot morsels straight from the pan, wrapped in a little screw of kitchen paper, a twist of lime on the side. I love to eat them 😁. I sit out on the back veranda, looking at the trees with a cup of tea and tasty bites of fish to keep me going until breakfast.

Eventually, he calls me to the table: golden fish, fried plantain, a little gravy of scallions, tomatoes and peppers, hot toast on the side. Today I was eating leftovers with salad, Mr P had already left early for work.

We also had June Plum juice with ginger he had found in one of the supermarkets. He was looking for some fresh, usually £18-£22 a box, but none were there, too early yet, maybe.

So I have a fat plantain left to roast and eat later with steamed cabbage. Mr P found an old second hand barbecue, sturdy but with folding legs and a handle so you can carry it around. Maybe we'll try some steak or chicken to go with the steamed cabbage.

I have some butter beans soaking, I'll cook them with some scallions and garlic. I like them plain and dry on the side, Mr P likes a little gravy. He was saying they (his crew) heard a cock crowing in the streets round the back of the fish shop, while they were out working. It reminded him of being at his grandmother's in Grenada and everyone's cock crowing one after the other all down the valley.

Strange to hear a cock in London these days.



Mr. P is a master chef. I like the way you describe food- foodies unite 😺

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Thank you 🙂.
Mr P certainly is a master chef and he really enjoys it, he loves feeding people. We don't often get fried fish, I'm not sure why because it is my all-time favourite, but maybe because it involves a trip out the way to the fishmongers. I'm blessed, anyway 😍


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Sounds so good and descriptive. I haven’t seen or had june plum or the juice in ages. I miss it so much. I was peeling kiwi and it reminded me of it.

It was the first time I'd had it, I liked it, especially with ginger. Mr P usually buys juices from people he knows in the market. He was further afield this time, getting the fish, and there was a shop there with the June Plum juice, so we were lucky 🙂. He says the people in the shop have estates and grow it back home and then import it to England.

😀Yes, it pairs so well with ginger. As a kid, I’d often eat the fruit with salt. The seed has many spikes. I’d “fight” my way through the spikes to get all the fruit out. 😂
My mom made/makes a good drink.
Sounds like a good June Plum business (growing it back home and exporting to England). Wondering if Mr P knows anyone on my side with a little june plum business. 😂


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Thank you 😀

Go deh Mr. P 😎
June plum juice with ginger sounds really good. Wish we had a corner shop or supermarket here that supplied that.

Mr P was smiling when I told him your reply 😍.
The juice was good, not too sweet, and perfect with the ginger.
Maybe your man, @dmilliz, can bring it for you?

Nuff Respect Mr. P. 😎
@dmilliz looks like there is some demand for the june plumb juice bro.
What do you say?

You don't need those sweet drinks bro, drink some green tea 😂! Mek some carrot juice like @missaj.

@shanibeer ship a few bottles for him via the UK, he can pay in HIVE 😁

Maybe I'll start bottling my carrot juice ! 😂 had the last bit yesterday , that ginger gave it life!

Hmmmm that might not be a bad idea ! Jamaican healthy organic juices! Made yah so



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"and plantains, three for £1 from the shop next door".

It's 4 for £1 here in the ghetto :)

It's 4 for £1 here in the ghetto

Can feed a family on that 😍


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In Denver you're allowed to have a certain number of hens but not roosters; so a while back there was a post on my Nextdoor site of someone asking, "Why am I hearing a rooster in the morning?!" and another neighbor saying, "Sorry, I didn't start with hatched hens, I just incubated eggs and one was a rooster, I'm figuring out what to do." 🤣 I think they gave him to someone in a different city who was allowed to have roosters.

Hehehe - you never know what you're getting with eggs!
Glad they found a home for him.


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Wow sounds like Mr P does up a nice treat! Looks yummy for sure! A man after a deal is a man just like me...taking pride in his good finds :) Well done Mr P!!

Mr P is the man for a bargain and known for it 🙂.
I'm waiting for that barbeque to get fired up, I'm feeling it's going to be a good summer.


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This sounds like a real island style breakfast. What a privilege to get plantains so cheap. They don't even grow there right? Here we have to buy a box for like $60 😒

Left you a message on Discord @dmilliz

Hey hey! Gonna take a look!

It was lovely 😍. We would like to live like that more, as the need for going out to work lessens. Plantains don't grow here, no, it's too cold for them, but I didn't realise we had them so cheaply. I must check next time where they are imported from.


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