Reaching 50K Staked JAHM | The Importance of Community

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Whatsup JAHMmers! What's JAHMmin?! Ok, now that we've gotten the necessary puns out of the way, let's get down to business (to defeat the Huns). The past week has been crazy with Bitcoin reaching USD 50K and it's not going to stop anytime soon. And to top things of at the same time I've reached 50K staked JAHM in this community. To those that haven't heard of the tropical side of Hive, I'm of course talking about the ReggaeJAHM community, home of all IRIE and just positive vibes content.

Community is a big part of Hive. Especially when you're just getting started. And if you don't find the right one or none at all, you will probably have a difficult time to get the HP ball rolling. Luckily I wasn't unlucky, because not long after I started I recognized this Jamaican in Japan who I knew from another social media platform which was basically pioneering "crypto Quora". I noticed that mister Don Dada-san and that weird less-pigmented Rastafarian dude residing in Suriname where both frequently posting in a certain community, so I navigated to that community and haven't left since.

So if you just joined Hive and feel lost in this decentralized social forest, take a look inside the communities and start where you get that homey feeling. And if you're all about wicked tunes, Caribbean culture and history, artistic vibrant cuisine and all-round IRIE fun, come give the ReggaeJAHM community a visit.

Let's celebrate and have fun with some classic Rocksteady.

On that note, I'm going to start using the cool banner that made its debut in this post by @justinparke.

If you want to use it as well, just copy the code below into your own post and you'll get the banner at the bottom.

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Big ups on the 50k bro ! Glad we bumped into each other over there. Man that place has changed so much 😂!

Looking forward to the 100k post 😏!

One love & unity ina di community!

It's a wasteland now. I posted a few times to test the new format, but no interaction. I think the change was too drastic, they should've done incremental changes over time.

100K coming up! :D


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Congratulations on the 50k good to be apart of reggae jam I'm going to have to get me a banner for Beatzchain too, and support you guys as well peace bro

Cool thanks! I'm sure @justinparke can give you the hookup for a banner. Be sure to check out his post where he as a neat tutorial on how to create one.


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Congrats Bredda!I'm at 73K going for 100K😜

Soon we'll be JAHMin whales.

Yesir 😉


Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

I forgot to use the banner for my last post in Reggae Jahm.

Probably cuz you drank too much !wine

Heeeey...... I was tired you mean... 🤦‍♀
Now people'll think I'm an alcoholic tssssskkkkk haha

They'd be correct. 🙃

Tyuuuurieeeee hahaha