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Sad to say, but a lot of Surinamers don't know how to do business. They would rather sit on an empty expensive house or other item than sell or rent it for cheaper. I see it too much on Facebook that someone is trying to sell something that's second hand for the price of an original. Starting business owners as well, especially in electronics. They sell old outdated "new" stuff like laptops for more than what a 2020 model would cost. That's why till now I have bought almost every major electronic item I own online, anything that can be transported on a plane that is, and as the "tech guy" in the family, I usually advise them to do the same.

I think not allowing large families in smaller spaces has also been ruined by others for you. The larger families tend to leave homes in worse state and/or occupy the home without paying, sometimes because of a dispute and sometimes because they can't due to having to care for a large family. These "squatters" are difficult to remove, due to lack of adequate laws, and the court cases can take years to even commence. I'm guessing some landlords are traumatized or very careful because of this. This doesn't apply to you of course. 😅 You guys are trustworthy people.


Yeah, it is a frustrating situation. @Sreypov and I feel it's much easier to be working poor in a poor country, and Suriname has given us some tough life lessons. In Cambodia, people are "hungry," and I don't mean for food. Nobody's trying to cheat anyone for the most part, but you can move worlds with a $5 dollar bill, and even rent from a landlord that's just as poor as you are.

I think we just miss the so-called third world, and although Surinamers think their country is in the same boat as Cambodia, economically and culturally, these places are worlds apart, despite the fact the people similar on the exterior.

We have made a few awesome friends here, but the Suriname people as a whole don't intrigue or interest me, and that's the first time I've ever experienced this. I don't even want to learn Dutch anymore as I feel I've already figured out things. Right now it stands that we are looking at Mauritius as a potential destination, seems much cheaper than here and absolutely mystical place, even offering US immigration, something my family still has a long-shot at, would love to give our daughters American passports before they turn 18 so they can fly planes without 20 pounds of paperwork.


Some of those few awesome friends will try to convince you otherwise, but I have already realized that me and Tanja kind of live in a bubble of friends, family and (some) colleagues who are caring and have at least some basic education and understanding of how the world works. Ever since "my people" voted Bouterse in for a second term with an even bigger historical majority than the first term, even though all the signs where there that large forms of corruption and theft where taking place. I felt a certain disconnect with them and lost a bit of hope. It is also since then, 5 years ago, that I am already mentally with one foot out of the country. Even now, with the so-called "saving" elected government, who do the same shit, while their followers are not being critical at all, my plans are unchanged.

Suriname versus Cambodia is not even a fair comparison, 16 million versus 600K population with almost the same surface area. I haven't been to Cambodia, but my guess is that more people have been humbled there to appreciate the little they have and are not trying to get ahead of others just because. When I tell people that Suriname has/had all the potential (not to mention natural resources that were sold out) to not be a "third world" for long, if we just change our mentality towards leadership, politics and life in general, some might look at me funny. With so many ethnicities and cultures, we should've been a much bigger tourist destination as well, with the right investment and mindset. Right now Suriname is like a barrel of crabs. Everyone is trying to get on top while pushing others down. Krabbenmentaliteit or crab mentality is a phrase often used by people describing what the problem here is.

Sorry for making you the victim of my rant. 😅 I love my country, but I'm heavily frustrated by the actions of the majority of it's people.

Mauritius looks like a nice place to go in terms of what it looks like. I have no experience with what the government and people are like though. US-citizen ship would be a good thing to have, if your goal is to travel the world without much obstacles. I'm not sure I would live there though. A lot of dangerous parts for foreign people it seems. One of my goals along the line is to have an EU passport, not because I don't want to be a citizen of Suriname, but because one of our main goals is to travel the world and experience different foods and cultures and we don't want to have to get a million Visas along the way.

True words, and I am glad to know there are many Surinamers willing to take constructive criticism of their country. I really think it takes someone from outside our community, faith, country, culture, or circle to open our eyes to a different way of thinking.

In the United States, I was always curious to pick the brains of all the Mexican immigrants and migrants I worked with. They really made me view my country's policies in a totally different light.

The passport thing is funny, we hoped at least we can get a Suriname one for the family. Even though it's not a strong one, it's much stronger than a Cambodian passport, and can transit airports and get visas on arrival to so many countries. I think Surinamers can get a visa on arrival in Serbia too, so that could be a backdoor to the EU for you. !ENGAGE 100

Agreed. No situation is either black or white, which is maybe not the best choice of words in the current politically correct climate. 😅 But it's always a few different shades of grey. For example, viewing immigrants as bad, or muslims as terrorists, or blacks as criminals, as a generalization and wanting all of them dealt with is part of the problem.

Oh wow, didn't realize Cambodia was that low on the passport index.
That is troublesome indeed and a small upgrade is better than no upgrade.

Ah, Serbia. At least we have on "benefit" as result of the corrupt dealings of the previous government with them. As a software developer and possibly through the company I work for right now, I might have some opportunities in the EU, so I plan on going through the front-door. But all in due time. The company here treats me well and has invested in me, so I don't mind doing my part locally first while I grow my skill-level and also while Tanja and me finish our studies here.


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nice, it worked. 😁

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