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RE: 🌿 Gomawiri Parathas πŸ‘¨β€πŸ³ An Ital Recipe For Suriname 🏞️

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I love the combination. This could be a potential hit at Indian parties/weddings for sure.

I'm about to prepare a huge batch of 'Klaroen' as well. That's my favorite of the leafy greens here along with 'Tayerblad' (I think that's some type of arrowroot plant in the English world)

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Thanks for stopping by @rarej. We eat a lot of klaroen too, although we ate it much more in Cambodia. Surinamers let it grow too big and too old before picking. In Cambodia, they always grow klaroen from seed and pick the whole young plant, roots and all for selling at the market.

We've eaten the tayerblad, or taro leaves a bit here too, they're even eaten in Cambodia, but not nearly as popular as they are here. !ENGAGE 25

The young klaroen definitely tastes better. When the plant gets too big, some of the leaves become slightly bitter. Thats why at home, we pick them early, but the market people are trying to maximize profit I guess.

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