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RE: Weekend Shenanigans #DashOutSunday

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Boys will be boys. And that includes regular adventures outside. And this place seems to be perfect for that purpose with the different activity spots.

That park looks beautiful btw, you can see the people there really take care of it.
The food looks good too, minus all that healthy salad stuff. Sometimes you gotta splurge a bit when you're on a mini trip and forget about the financial woes, as long as you set a budget. At least that's the philosophy I live by on local trips to the interior or international vacation. And the cute staff helps as well. Missing those pictures though. 🙃


Yup, they will. We all like to do a little “badness" sometimes.

Yeah, the park is really well kept, the tax money is being put to good use here. I make sure to take advantage.

True dat. I knew what I was getting into going here regarding the price but you gotta try new places if only to say “yeah I been there”. lol next time I’ll get those cute staff pics. I complemented one of them on their hairstyle, wifey and her friend were all self conscious because they weren’t wearing any make up 😆. My wife was like “I don’t even wanna look directly in her face. The girls thought because it was in the morning , they’d be fine without make up, but all the other women around were dolled up, it’s a hard knock life for the ladies 💄 👩

Ladies and their make-up... Luckily we men don't have to abide by those "standard". Always trying to convince @tanjakolader that she's gorgeous just the way she is, as I do my best not to be startled in the morning. 😋 I think I'm succeeding for now.

I would think the same that it's not necessary for a morning outing, but maybe things are different in Japan if so many were dolled up.

It seems that ladies were dolled up because of the location. The Japanese women are having a field day with the masks as many of them wore it waaay before covid when they didn't wear makeup.

@tanjaklader don't starve di bwoi 😆

Ahahaha heey I'm not really a daily makeup kind of girl...
Used to be but was minimal. Now only on occasion and when I feel like it. But even now we don't go "out" due to the pandemic. We even made jokes to wear our "work clothes" at home because they weren't being worn, when we worked from home.

Anyway, there should be more parks like the one you were at; kids should be out more and discover the world around them

Nit to mention the cost of the make up LOL But of course do appreciate the dolled up look, but it has its time and place. Not everyday at all.

I hate the fact that IF I were to dress how most think i should dress for work " suite and tie", my salary would be drained on just looking good for work and getting there😩.

Can't go wrong with these parks, many people take them for granted....until they have kids hehhe

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I know what you mean about the clothes; clothes indeed aren't the most important at work; it's the quality of your work that counts.

And I know about the prices of makeup; I'll stick with the drugstore versions, which are also great quality.