Family Barbeque and Grill Get-Together πŸ– Dash Out Sunday

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This Sunday it was time to dash out again! And it was a family size BBQ and grill style festivity. We got a visit from my parents, sister and her boyfriend and of course they brought food. We haven't had parties or trips in a long time, so this was as was as close to that feeling as possible right now and it was very heart-warming, besides it the obvious fact that it was also belly-filling.

The brought the BBQ set and coals, because we don't have a proper set yet. The North-Americans may refer to this style of BBQ more as grilling, but here we simply know it as Barbeque, in case that causes some confusion among you readers. As true Surinamers, and probably people from the Caribbean in general, they brought way more food than necessary for 6 people, but no complaints from me. That just means we all have at least one other serving the next day.

Dash Out!

The assembly for the grill consisted of sausages, chicken sates, chicken thigh filets which my dad pre-marinated at home and last but not least some pieces of pork from the part of the pig called fricandeau marinated by yours truly. My sister also made some macaroni and fried rice in my kitchen, because you gotta have at least one side dish they said. I disagree.
I marinated the pork with a mixture of minced garlic, chopped onion, minced ginger, char sui sauce, a tablespoon of honey, dried oregano, salt and a few caps of 90% local white rum to bring out all the flavor. Did I miss something? Of course. We can't have barbeque without some spice. So I added exactly one minced hot-as-hell chocolate scorpion pepper. Trust me, you only need one. Just look at them.


So me and the future brother in law took charge on the meat and fired up the grill.


So far, so good.



To complete the full party experience I had a shot of Borgoe Extra, which is dark rum made in Suriname, with a dash of coca cola. Been a long time since I got to open this bottle for actual drinking purposes instead of cooking. All in all it was a good day.


This was part of the Dash Out Sunday culture in the ReggaeJAHM Community. Special shoutout to @dmilliz for starting the trend in the community.

Check out the details here and be sure to shared your culinary Sunday with us.

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That BBQ plate looks amazing, hahahha not one once of salad, πŸ˜„. This really got me missing BBQing, was suppose to have BBQ couple weeks back but it got cancelled because of rain. Time to dust off the grill. Nice DashOut bro.

Just the way I like it. πŸ˜‚ When I organize the barbeque I tell everyone in advance that I don't do or even think of side dishes, so if they want some, they'll have to bring one.

I did take some macaroni to balance it out a bit. And also so my sister doesn't feel some kind of way about me skipping her food. xD

What kind of bbq are you going to do? Jamaican style, Japanese or a fusion of both?

Well since is mainly a Japanese crowd fusion for sure. But Jerk chicken is a must, on the Japanese side they like thin meat that cooks quick, they always wonder why my jerk chicken takes so longπŸ˜„, one thing I hate though is when they wanna put their shell fish on the same grill as the meat πŸ˜‘

Lol, yeah different cultures, different understanding of cooking meat.

I can understand not wanting people to mess with your grill setup.

We will have to give a short visit to @rarej's house to enjoy such a BBQ...
We are close. πŸ˜…

dang! that looks like a glorious feast! enjoy!

It was indeed. And it was long overdue after all that quarantine.

Thanks for stopping by and have yourself a !BEER 🍻

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waaooo @rarej

It's amazing how good that BBQ looks.
It could be a good food franchise
Surely it was a good sharing in Family.

Thanks man. With the inflation here in Suriname, there are already lots of BBQ stands popping up left and right, so too much competition already.

And yes, it was a good day with family. :)

Note to self: Do not read foodrelated stuff when hangry! :)

Where do you put it all buddy? looool

Lol, NEVER do that. That's rule 101.

Training helps with that, having to burn a lot. Used to be more before covid, when I could still do sports to an extent.

And also not eating lots of rice and almost no bread helps too.