Enjoying Food is an Essential Coping Mechanism during Lockdown 😋 #DashOutSunday

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With all the rona cases going up more than tenfold, food is one of our biggest relaxation right now. Not that we went out much before to begin with. Thankfully our fridge and freezer were constantly stocked up since march of last year for the eventual situation that we had to stay inside for longer periods of time. Checking out the freezer I found a huge Tilapia filet which we have been eyeing for a while, so that would be the star of the show.

We were also planning on waking up early to go out and buy some things on the list for the house that are long overdue, but someone who was responsible for waking up overslept. Not sure who, maybe the other person I live with knows. So after waking up at almost 1 PM, it was bound to be a food filled day and nothing more. Well, I also spent some time on getting the ReggaeJAHM frontend running on my laptop, but more on that in another post. Good things are coming. :)

But before all of that there was breakfast. I decided to be a bit "fancy" with the eggs and make it the way my dad used to make it every now and then when we were little. You start of by making a tomato sauce with garlic, onions and of course tomato, with a bit of ketchup for sweetness, water to make it saucy. All of this starts of in real butter of course, none of that margarine nonsense. Then add some salt and pepper, let it fry on low heat and you pretty much have a bunch of eggs fused together in pizza form. Oh, I also threw in some green onions for good measure. It tastes better than it looks (that's what she said).



Time to prepare the main course! We still need to figure out our side dishes, but before we do that let's slice up and marinate the fish. They where big pieces, so instead of the traditional "steak" form, I decided to slice the fish into large cubes.


I seasoned/marinated the fish with some garlic, salt, chili pepper powder, juice of a whole lemon and most importantly: nutmeg. Let's put that aside for a few minutes while we figure out these side dishes.


The potatoes in the fridge have to be cooked on time so they don't go bad, so that was an easy choice. Co-Chef @tanjakolader did her part by boiling the potatoes in water and slicing them in wedges, and I took it from there. I was just winging this dish to be honest. Heated up a decent portion of olive oil mixed with butter and threw in the potatoes. After a few minutes I added chopped garlic, as we are part of the lesser known garlic religion in this household, followed by dried oregano, more butter, black pepper and salt. Tossed all of that till that nice brown color formed. It was actually pretty delicious.


All we need now is a vegetable and the feast is complete. While we pondered on that, I fried the fish in olive oil until the pieces had a nice brown color on all sides. I had my doubts with a whole lemon going into the marinating sauce, but the acidic flavor was pretty nice.


Now for those vegetables. Will it be another full preparation before we can eat. Not at all. Luckily we were smart (and lazy) enough to safe a bit of sweet mashed pumpkin we had last week in the freezer. So it was co-chef Mike Roweef's turn to do the cooking. He was done in under 2 minutes. (that's what she said)


After a few artistic pictures for this post, it was time to dig in. It seems second, third and fourth waves of the virus are happening all around the world and governments are going into panic mode, sometimes implementing not-so-well-thought-out rules. So if you have the means to do so, stock up on some food supplies, so you can freely be the glutton you are during this cursed pandemic.


This was part of the Dash Out Sunday culture in the ReggaeJAHM Community. Special shoutout to @dmilliz for starting the trend in the community.

Check out the details here and be sure to shared your culinary Sunday with us.

Thank you for stopping by. 🙃

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Nutmeg, I also like to season stuff up, cinnamon as well. The Tilapia is one of my favorite fishes, not too pricey here and doesn't have string fishy smell to it. Yup that was a fancy breakfast!

Yeah, the texture is almost like it's somewhere between chicken and fish, it's awesome. I bet Japan is seafood heaven.


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