We Are The Lions! (Gondwana feat. Mykal Rose)

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Hi Reggaejahm,

here is a tune i am listening to for
a month now in my regular/daily selection.
It's the Reggae Band Gondwana feat. Mykal Rose.
Gondwana are from Santiago, Chile,and were founded
in 1987 by I-Locks Labbé. Mykal Rose is a famous
Jamaican Singer.
It's a nice conscious Reggae tune with a very
powerful message to humanity:

We Are The Lions!

They have animated a soccer match in the official video.
Like in real life the opponent scores first, but
then the Lions win...watch the video and find out
about the result of the game ;)
They have an english and a spanish version of the song,
but in both versions the chorus stays english and
they are "blessed by the Most High".
I love the spanish accent on "blessed" :)

Enjoy, 1 Love


Official Music Video:

Spanish Version:

English Version:

One more thing about the band name "Gondwana".

Did you know that Gondwana was an ancient supercontinent
that incorporated present-day South America, Africa, Arabia,
Madagascar, India, Australia, and Antarctica...like
600 million years ago..!?
And humanity here knows "only" 5000 years of history.
What do we really know!? ;)

Stay "blessed by the Most High"!



It’s cool they have all these versions。 it’s a good tune! Give u that vibe to stand and stand strong but be humble. Bless up lion.

Bless up, Star...yes, that's that balance.
Stand upright, show the strength without the need to use it.
But i can be used anytime ;)

Good that @luca1777, the possibility of listening to a song with different versions and in different languages is good.
The message and the essence are there.
Thank you for sharing it.
Gondwana has good music in general, it is one of the great reggae bands in Spanish.

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A true Jose...like that the song/message reaches more people!
Thank you, Gracias 😉