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RE: Preparation For Exodus 🦁✡️ Akae Beka - One Foot In Front 🦶 #APART {A Picture And a Reggae Tune}

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It's sad to hear that the Surinamers treated y'all like that.
This scamdemic brings out the "true face" of everybody i guess.
Follow your hearts, if it's Ethiopia...all the best vibes to reach there.
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It makes no sense, a failed economy on the brink of civil unrest, and yet nobody seems like they are hurting for money that bad, just us I guess. I think that lack of foreign immigration and migration here has never caused any affordable rentals to be built here. The locals live in houses they own or that a family member owns until they buy one. The spaces they do rent here are really awkward, improvised, and overpriced. We are praying to get out of here within a few months, hoping things make manifest. !ENGAGE 20

Wish y'all the Best!

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