Jamaican Drone Footage

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Wha Gwaan, Reggaejahm! πŸ˜€

I had to share this one with you.
Having to survive the cold & grey Berlin Winter
i found some awesome Drone footage from Jamaica
to "keep me focused and motivated" when times are
literally dark.
I think i saw 2 hours sunlight in the last 2 weeks...
Soul Surviving with good music,organic vegan power food
and herbs, and the right visualization.

Gettin' High in Jamaica...

...is the first Drone Video and it wraps up a lot of different
places in Jamrock. It's nice to see the places i've been to already,
like Ricks Cafe or the 7 Mile beach and places i still want
to visit like the Blue Mountains or the Jamaican rivers &

7 Mile Beach Up and Down

The second video is pure 7 Mile beach from Negril.
7 Mile beach for Luca1777, you done know πŸ˜‰.


So, just in case...

...you miss Jamaica and the Light as much as i do,
enjoy these 2 videos. Props to the creators, give
them a like on YT...

Bless Up



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Nice view!

I miss the beach and snorkeling πŸ™

Me too! And a good swim...

And making beautiful pictures πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚
Anyway, virtual traveling will do for now. Some can't even do that :)

That first footage is bliss! Jamaican sea look criss. My bredrin down there now showing off pics of the beach. Soon come JA!

Yes I- 4 real...soon come!

A definite island paradise!


It truly is...

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