Fried Dumplings for Breakfast

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Hi Hivers. How are you?

I’m thinking about changing this greeting as I’m getting a bit tired of it. I however really hope you’re doing well. Hehe.

My boys and I recently made breakfast together. We made fried dumplings and had them with some flaked tuna. To the tuna we added some roasted sesame seed dressing. We had the tuna and dumplings with slices of oranges and balls of apple. I can’t remember what we had to drink.

Fried dumplings are quite popular as breakfast items in Jamaica. We often eat them with vegetables, fish, meat or poultry. They are also eaten “solo”. They are well-loved. As a kid, I loved the smell of fried dumplings. My siblings and I would often pass by the kitchen to get a “sample” from our mom. We could hardly wait for the entire meal to be finished. Dumplings were enough.

We first made the dough using flour, salt, baking powder and a bit of sugar. We let the dough sit for a while.


Cuts of Dough
We rolled the dough flat and used a variety of cookie cutters to make different shapes. The kids really enjoyed this part of it. They wanted all kinds of cutters. I had to remind them that I didn’t have them all. Their requests were interesting and funny. Their requests included dinosaurs and tigers. We didn’t have those cutters and could have tried making those creatures but we opted to use the cutters we actually had.



Frying the Dumpling
We fried the dumplings on each side in a bit of oil, for a few minutes. Maybe a deep fry would have made the golden-brown color more even. It was interesting seeing the different shapes in the frying pan.


Rock, Scissors, Paper
Did you often play “ rock, scissors, paper” as a kid?
I didn’t play it much then but I do it quite often now. It’s called “janken” in Japanese and is often used to settle on an idea or to make a “fair” decision. However, it’s sometimes done simply as a game.
That being said, the kids made “janken” dumplings and we played the game with the dumplings before taking a bite.

Rock! Scissors! Paper!
That’s a big rock if you ask me. Hehe.

It was a fun activity and the dumplings went faster than I had expected.

Peace out. ✌🏼


Great... Now I'm hungry 😔😔😔...

Hahah looks good, I thought the 2 fingers were a 'peace out' sign at first but this makes sense

Haha! Sorry I have no cookies.
Thanks. You know I was going to end the post by saying “Peace out”. Lol
Afterall, that’s more interesting than “Scissors”.

Hhaha you should have gone with your instincts!
Also I'll have you know that I like things besides cookies -_- hahah I see you basically calling me the cookie monster out here! 🤣

Haha!! I should have. Not too late. I'll add it. Thanks.
Great to know you like other stuff as well. Based on how you seem to have dealt with that pack...
Did someone say Cookie Monster? untitled.gif

Yo! I never see a cut out dumpling in my life!!! Days a good look! Wah mek some fry dumplin this weekend! Have made any in years cause a only me like it. I think the twins will appreciate it now/ or like this 😂

😂😂For the kids bro for the kids. Your response cracked me up. 😂😂
They go back to school in a few. We have to do all kinds of things to involve, feed and entertain them.
No more cut out dumpling next week. 😂😂
We have to run the Jamaican food they like. They love dumplings and cornmeal porridge. For several other dishes, just @bearmol and I have to sit and eat them. If we give it to them on the right, they look to the left. 😂😂
The twins will enjoy it man. 😃

A suh unnu a gwaan?

Just cool nuh man! You missed out on the fun. Next time don't leave suh early. 😆

Aw your dumplings are nice style! Good work I would to have some.

😃Thank you. How many would you like me to send your way? 😜

Hmmmm dumplings.... Yeah, I am good with only having dumplings for a meal, but regrettably that's not enough to sustain a person ahahaha

Haha! Yeah it’s not enough and will just keep you going for another if you don’t balance it out with some other food. 😂

That's so true. We usually have dumplings when having dim sum with friends, but we haven't gone out for dim sum in a while. Sigh....

The times eh...

Yeah, can't wait till it's all over. Sigh....

Cant wait.

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Never have I seen such creatively shaped Jamaican dumplings. These would be way more fun to eat. Bless up chef!

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😃Thanks @justinparke. The different shapes give them a different "taste". Lol