What do you think about HipHop on the Reggaejahm feed?

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Blessed Weekend ReggeJahmers & Hivers!

So recently I saw someone post a HipHop post in Regaejahm. It was interesting content and news I would't mind hearing. So the question came to mind. Should HipHop content be a part of the Reggaejahm community?
The genres are indeed relatives with HipHop being born from Reggae. Well ,I just want to hear your thoughts, so comment below. Tell me what you think.



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Thank you very much guys! Keep up the good work.

I personally am a lot more knowledgeable on hip hop, but i like that reggaejahm has the Caribbean hive vibe locked down, maybe some people wouldn't want to stray that far from its roots? You definitely have the branding potential down!

But, also the hip hop scene doesn't seem too terribly active on hive So it's not like it would dominate the community (here's a cool street art graffiti community i recommend) https://peakd.com/c/hive-198429/created

I would just really like to see again the way for musicians to upload mp3s to the chain, i think there is lots of potential here for music stuff

I also like the fact that there is a defined reggae / Caribbean community though small, it is here and moving.
Maybe there could be a way to involve hip-hop weekly at time, but not on an Everest because straying from the roots may be a problem indeed.

I shall check out that community.

Right!! What happened to Dsound? MP3 is definitely needed. I realized peaked has the spotify embed now which is a step in the right direction. Let me test it out right now.

(Unsupported https://open.spotify.com/embed/track/0c501Fnu64TcbAzQfGMbHY)

I think it would be nice to see more hiphop and rap on hive. I also think that combining the communities wouldn’t let some of the unique aspects of those cultures show as well. But it would be legit if the Raggaejahm tribe launched the hiphop jam tribe or something like that.

It’s definitely something that’s needed and I would think help hive grow a lot. Hip-hop definitely needs a home here on hive

Yeah it would be nice indeed. The rappers may be the ones to get hive main stream at some point come to think of it.

Yeah I feel if it were more of a net magazine it would be good having both cultures but as a social media community with the two cultures that be confusing.

That wouldn’t be a bad idea starting a hip-hop tribe. Still have ways to go with Reggaejahm.

As you said, hip hop was birthed from reggae. Hmmm...a part of me feels like it would be a good space for both. I guess a name change would be necessary then.

Yeah most definitely! Reggae and the Caribbean is what we represent. Just thinking out loud but from what I see so far doesn’t sound like a mix would be good. But nothing wrong with throwing a hip hop sing you like in a post or us probably doing a hip-hop Monday’s at some point or something

Yeah, I'm not sure but sounds like a thematic week or day would work well re hip-hop.
What the group could also do re reggae, is probably post the reggae charts periodically- top 10. We could do commentaries on songs or artistes?

Yeah man all that is up for posting. Anything you wanna do regarding reggae and Caribbean content, is just for us to take the I initiative. Was just about to make post like that regarding commentaries.

Cool cool.

Yes, do it & see this community GROW BIG...
Reggae, HipHop, RnB...this is my Fusion & i'm one of the HipHop-Reggae Pioneers from Germany😉

I knew you woulda say that. For you and I HipHop and Reggae go hand in hand. Same in Jamaica too when you think about it. always hiphop at the Dance dem.

But you said something in your video which is wrong, HipHop does not come from Reggae.... it was Grandmaster Flash who started using 2 turntables pulling back the drum solos on funk & soul records to create a beat mcees could rap over...
That's how it started with 2 turntables & 1 mic...
Still, HipHop & Reggae melted already good in the 80ies...but HipHop does not come from Reggae....like Reggae developed from Ska e.g....

A true ! That should be “a Jamaican crested hip-hop” not reggae! And that is a fact! Dj Kool Herc is know as the the founding father of Hip-hop but of course grand master played a pivotal role.


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A true...Kool Herc was a little earlier than Flash,couldn't think of his name the day i answered you here...did Herc come from Jamaica?

Do you know where man can trade the tokens from https://lbry.com/ ?

Bittrex or binance! Binance come een like them have every coin and them mother 😂

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...even di Jahm? 😅 😉

Still i think it would make the community BiiiG...
C'mon we create our own blockchain 😜...
Could you skillswise?

Not a rass ! That is some next level ting! But nothing is impossible! All things get easier as time goes on!

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😅Haha...start learning 😉

Yes please!!!!!!! I came back from steem and I’m looking for a home 😂. I’m a Jamaican American and found you on YouTube. We used to have contest. I miss it.

Haha ! Welcome back! Still gotta give it some thought and take some baby steps! Yeah there used to be freestyle battles and all but things done changed 😆!

Yeah , what vid did you see on on the tube?

Bless up yaad man!

You were teaching a woman about the hive blockchain. I think it was old (2019). She tried to finesse 7hbd from you 😂.

I think its fine, it will be nice to see and it doesn't derail much from the original idea.

True, but a part of it kinda feels like moving away from the original idea. But not much going on so it may not hurt to try.

That's a very good question you ask! I personally am not bound to a specific genre or style of music, and love to discover music from many genres. I don't know what the best direction is for music platforms, but I would like to see all-inclusive, meaning: All music on the same platform. Each genre/style could have its own section, with some general sections and features to entice users to get acquainted with and exposed to other genres and styles. Not sure how such service will look like, but in the end this will be a combination of blogging and a full fletched music platform (music database, playlists, artists profiles, gig lists etc). For Reggaejahm, it may not be possible to fan out to all styles and genres, due to the name of the service. Though I would advise to onboard more genres/styles, since still today, all the crypto-based blogging is so tiny, it has hard times to get more traction.

ps What is your personal take to drive ReggaeJahm blogging service towards integration with music platforms to create an better experience than just keep this service as a blogging alone?

I myself love all types of music and love to hear the new in any genre but Reggae is a genre that doesn't get as much representation as others and in my mind specific content communities are gonna be the thing. The platform is just an extension of the community but yes there are very few people here now on hive but looking towards the future a community or tribe is gonna be like a Facebook group but tokenized. But what do I know, we could be saying the same thing 5 years from now.

You know all the blockchain music sites I used to use, none of them really gained traction, it's sad. But look on dsound , choone ( which changed to... and then I lost track ) opus.. etc! Let me know which ones the musicians using now cause I don't know. But reggaejahm is more then just the music, it’s the culture but yeah the integration of a music player would be something awesome.

Musicians really need a dedicated site on blockchain With all those features like you described. So I’m guessing this is your dream and vision for a project?

You know now I’d love to do so much more with Reggaejahm besides blogging but it’s like I am limited to dream at the moment as even the simple things I want done takes a lot of time as an available dev isn’t easy to find as you know. But good questions and insight that has me thinking. I may need to look off chain for a dev and invite them to Hive.

You made some very good points.

Regarding the crypto based music platforms, I agree with you: None of them a success, and I think none will become a success. They are all made for artists, not for the fan. But without the fan, no audience for the artists therefore no success for the service. Only when somebody sees the light and create a music platform that is super for the fan, it has chances to win. Think for instance: Bridge soundcloud through a crypto rewarded music platform as an extra to own content. Or strike a deal with Spotify or TIDAL, to mix their catalogue with own content. Next to that, provide the compeling features a music fan is looking for.

Would be great of FB experience can be converted to ReggaeJahm, for instance. This is not only blogging, but also includes an ecent section. In crypto space, the Slovenian based Viberate created something really interesting. They dont have a blogging section yet. I had the opportunity to talk with the CEO behind this service, but didn't do this, because the dynamics of HIVE doesn't fit the professional approach of Viberate. It's a shame, since the promiss of HIVE could very well benefit Vibrate service.

That is very true, there is no space for the fans of the music to get all the value they would want. Excellent point, none of those services catered to the fan, I was a bunch of musicians trying to earn extra income.

Striking a deal like that would make sense as it would bring the best of music streaming to a blog/social media. But even the simple integration of say a soundcloud or tidal that is able to be played and paid from a blogging site that it seems highly integrated could work withou even a partnership. Right now the tribes can't even play a soundcloud, apple music or Spotify embed. Really bareboned. It would be cool if the tribes and even communities had plugins that could be installed with he click of a button.

Viberate seems interesting. https://www.viberate.com/
I even found myself there, also with another artiste with a similar name.😄 Have to dive deeper into it.
The thing with HIVE is many are still scared of decentralization, they want to be in control, but the narrative is changing though.

You think people at HIVE are scared for decentralisation? Can't be the devs :)

What I see is that the devs are not interested to create professional services, and they seem to have a hard time to work along with none-tech people with good ideas and network to make things happen, like a blockchain based music platform with own content and the soundcloud frontend embedded to create a service that can actually be interesting for the music fan. I'm still puzzeled by the fact that some of our devs and witnesses who launched a tribe with own token, are not open to suggestions, or don't understand their service needs to be further developed to be attracive for whatever market they initially launched the tribe. A got responses like: edje if I would have to develop your idea, it'll gonna costs me at least 10 to 20k US$. No response when I suggested ways of getting such money on the table (let alone these guys didn't float all the tokens they setup to the market). Sure, some exceptions to the rule :)

Viberate: They initially launched with the community uploading content to the database. Along the way they started to integrate with exisitng event databases. They also have created a few different apps. The guy who started this service was a club owner of the biggest club in whole of Europe, Ambassada Gavioli in Izola. He got the support of a few electonic artists to promote the service and provide input for the servive design, such as Umek. Super professional approach which I would like to see at HIVE. None of our home-projects is handling it like Viberate did. A shame though their token is not valued a lot.

Not the devs but people outside like the platform you mentioned.

That is true, it may be hard to work with non tech people as what we imagine may be very technical behind the scenes. I hope eventually there will be some focus on the tribe/community feature. But then it seems like the communities maybe be the focus and the ones getting Smart media tokens, who knows but businesses looking to transfer from the old to the new will wont their own website and a pool of tools they can plug in like leggo. I guess it is early days yet though.

Viberate sounds interesting. Club owners know what fans want. Ok, there is a token too. Didn't realize that.

Just saw a new audio streaming blockchain platform in a trading group, apparently about to pump massively 😆 called https://audius.co/
lets see of they cater to the fan

Audius: Some of our users at HIVE already using Audius. Last week downloaded the desktop app, but still need to install it.

Viberate: Indeed, they launched a token back in 2017. They used it to award content contributors. Back then, everybody could provide information. That caused to much spam resulting in too much work for the Viberate moderation team. Since then they still reward content contributors, but one first need to be quialified to become one. Since 2017, Viberate also integrated with a set of 3rd party services/databases, pulling event and artists content. VIB token is a Ethereum token btw.

I think the biggest future potential hurdle with this move is that the brand "ReggaeJAHM" is very much Caribbean, both in the name "reggae" and also the most high "JAH." I think the base for hip-hop content could potentially come from folks who have no idea that reggae and hip-hop are connected, especially potential posters from the USA.

With the name of the token being "JAHM," it has a very Caribbean feel to it, so that is my main concern. I like the term "MOBO" (Music Of Black Origin for you non-Jamaicans), it's very catchy but it encompasses much more, and could send us on an entirely different course. I think it's all going to come down to branding, and unfortunately or fortunately there is definitely a Caribbean dominance with the branding.

Food for thought....... Bless up!

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Yeah it would take rebranding and that is something I really don't think makes sense now. I believe in a defined and narrow target even if it is small. But at the same time, people in the Reggae culture, many of them like HIPHOP an may want to post something about it now and then.

What I was thinking recently was to create an initiative called "Link Up" where people can use D.buzz and post links to songs with a 2 line text. These songs could be MOBO. Then they use #jahm to link it to reggaejahm. Just an idea, because I realize, not many people read music posts, they just want to hear the music. ( I see APART different though).

just make sure your content relates to Reggae, Caribbean culture in some way or has a positive (IRIE) vibe to it.

I agree with the community description that anything with a positive vibe should be embraced here. So a big yes from me! While the core and undertone of most content will be of Caribbean nature, other type of positive posts should also have a place. As long as everyone is having a good time, it's all good.


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Yeah that make sense and I did write that but to some a positive post means talking about a defi token. 😄

But you know, there is like this desire to be a web magazine-ish but then you realize its also social media, and its blogging.

While the core and undertone of most content will be of Caribbean nature, other type of positive posts should also have a place. As long as everyone is having a good time, it's all good.

Well said, and makes sense, but when it comes on to genre of music I think that makes the lines blurry, ( though many don't make music posts.. so that might be me overthinking it)